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Seems that Cubs fans are freaking out a bit as the Cubs haven’t actually done much other than hire a bunch of new guys.  Where are all the free agent signings?  Who’s going to be on the coaching staff?  Will Ronnie Woo-Woo take a shower?  Never mind the fact that with an expanded Cubs front office, the level of multi-tasking that can be performed has also increased.  Even Jim Hendry back in the day was able to do multiple things at once.  So just because the only thing being announced is the new hires doesn’t mean other stuff isn’t happening behind the scenes.  The Cubs just don’t want to tell us yet, or doesn’t think we need to know just yet.  I’m okay with that.

But to appease those of you wondering WTF is going on, let’s make a list anyway.

Don't you love that we've already gone to a Cubs game?

Let’s see…what is there left to do? Let’s look at some things that have been done…

  • Hired new brain-people
  • Hired a new manager who hopefully has a brain too
  • Inspired hope in all Cubs fans
  • Made female Cubs fans swoon with how pretty the new front office is
  • Told Crane Kenney to go make money instead of baseball decisions
  • Talked to Carlos Zambrano
  • Did some minor league and 40-man roster stuff
  • Said bye-bye to Aramis Ramirez
  • Had more press conferences than a standard rock band
But there’s more to be done!  And I’m betting it’s being done…
  • Tell Koyie Hill he sucks and non-tender him
  • Trade guys who have value like Carlos Marmol, and get something back for the future
  • Determine whether there’s a ghost’s chance in Manhattan that the Cubs can contend in 2012 (bonus points to whoever got the Ghostbusters reference)
  • Set up their scouting/draft boards
  • Go check out Yoenis Cespedes (oooh, they’re doing that, cool)
  • Think about throwing some money at Yu Darvish
  • Maybe sign some free agents after the arbitration offer deadline depending on what the plan is
  • Hire some new coaches for Dale Sveum
  • Have a little turkey
  • Recover from turkey coma
  • Set up Rule 5 draft board
  • Grab somebody with Josh Hamilton potential off the Rule 5 draft
  • Cubs Convention
  • Spring Training
  • ?
  • Profit!
Everyone happy?

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