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The news has come in that the Cubs have hired Chris Bosio as their new pitching coach.  There’s a bit of nepotism here as Bosio and Dale Sveum knew each other since they were kids, and there’s also a random rumor out there that the Cubs may try to get Craig Counsell if he retires.  The article linked there is a pretty good read.  I think they made a mistake with Pat Listach, as Listach will be a base coach whereas Jamie Quirk will be the new bench coach.

Bo-Bo-Bosio! Woah-oh-oh.

And now, of course, it’s time for another musical rambling!


To the tune of “Sussudio” by Phil Collins

A new pitching coach is on the mind
Just in time, we’ve got Bosio! Woah-oh-oh
Cubs need to drop that E-R-A
Recommended by Dale Sveum
Here is Bosio! Woah-oh-oh

Oh, get those young kids on the hill
There won’t be a towel drill
Less free passes, more strikeouts
Let all the Cub fans just say the woooooord
Bo-Bo-Bosio!!! Just say the woooooooooord

Maybe someone will win Cy Young
Opponents score less runs
Go go Bosio! Woah-oh-oh
Put down some fingers, switch up the signs
Zambrano’s wound too tight
Bo-Bo-Bosio! Woah-oh-oh

Ah, teach a tailing slider, Holy cow
Hopefully our closer keeps from melting down
He makes us nervous, misses the zone
But it’s all good if Sveum just gives the wooooooord
Bo-Bo-Bosio! Go to the mooooooooooooooooooound
Bo-Bo-Bosio! Oh-oh-oh!

Ah, will our pitching be top flight?
Now just keep the ball down in the zoooooooooooooone
Bo-Bo-Bosio! Don’t miss up noooooooooooow
Bo-Bo-Bosio! Fix Zambranoooooooooo
Go go Bosio, oh oh oh!
Go Cubbies go…

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