A Look Ahead at the 2012 Cubs Convention, Oh the Questions We May Ask

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Tomorrow, the annual Chicago Cubs convention kicks off, and thousands of fans will be migrating to the Chicago Hilton where they will be able to mingle with one another while trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite players from today or yesteryear. Hopefully with all of the snowy weather that is currently hitting the Chicago area all of the players and management staff will be able to make the convention. The weekend would be a complete disaster if most of the players who do not live here year round are not able to make the convention.

Of course, assuming the players are able to make the festivities, the fans will also be able to meet the various players in person. Things would be made much easier for them if they are lucky enough to have a chance to meet one of them if they have a winning scratch and win ticket which will guarantee them an autograph by one of the more sought after players. If they do not win, they will have to subject themselves to standing in line for hours at a time to get the player they want. However, by the time they reach the front of the line, their desired player might have already left the table because their time slot has ended. This happened to me one year with Geovany Soto, in fact I was next in line when the ushers/security were finally able to drag him off stage after he had already extended his time by a good 15-20 minutes. Just my luck I suppose.

In my opinion, the best part of the annual convention are the various seminars that take place. In these you get to meet the owners, the management team (both front office and on field) as well as several players depending on which ones you chose to go to. These are great because you get to hear great stories that take place behind the scenes inside the clubhouse and locker room. They also usually have one seminar which features all the young bucks on the team that fans know and love, where they are more or less forced to reveal their deepest and most embarrassing secrets. This is usually a favorite for the female fans. Anyway, in these seminars fans have the chance to ask the panelists whatever question you want and offer up your various comments which may very well be complaints. This is the part I am not sure that I am looking forward to this year, but I am sure that things will be quite entertaining.

I am almost sure that in the various seminars some fans will take full advantage of this golden opportunity to pound Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, President of Baseball Operation Theo Epstein and General Manager Jed Hoyer with questions that they have had for months. I dread some of the questions that I am expecting to hear from some of my fellow fans, but they have every right to ask them , and will be given the answers to their questions from those in charge. I am sure that fans will question Epstein about why he did not sign Prince Fielder, or why he chose not to hire Ryne Sandberg as manager of the Cubs. He may also get insults hurled at him for traded away Sean Marshall for a young unproven starting pitcher and they may call for his head right in front of him. Now that they have the opportunity to talk to them face to face, they will not let the moment pass them by.

Okay, I doubt very much that someone would be dumb enough to step into the spotlight and call for Epstein’s and Hoyer’s firing. They never went that far with former General Manager Jim Hendry, so I doubt they would dare do so with Epstein and company still being in their first quarter of their first year running the Cubs. Then again, we Cub fans are kind of crazy, so that may actually happen.

We at World Series Dreaming will be at the convention all weekend, and we will be asking questions to the players and management teams. Some of us may already have questions in mind, but we are also here for you. We want to help you get the answers to the questions that are you want to know. So let’s hear what you would ask at the people in the know. Respond to the blog on the blog page and not on the Facebook page, and we will do our best to ask them your questions.

The craziness is about to begin, if you can be there, I hope to see you there. If not, be sure to follow us at World Series Dreaming for updates throughout the day!

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  1. In regards to players, what do you feel were your best & worst moves & why & what have you learned from those experiences?

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