Cubs Convention 2012 Wrap-Up: Screw This, I’m Going Back to Bed

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I was thinking of waking up early again to go uptown and watch the morning session where they were discussing the various prospects in the farm system, but when my iPhone went off at 7 AM I threw it across the room and then woke up just now.  I’d already gotten my chance to talk to Brett Jackson as we both went to Cal (I graduated, he doesn’t have to now hahaha) and got my son’s baseball signed.  Bumped into a few random players.  Generally had a good time but was bored for too much of it.  So I decided to just stay home and veg before football starts.

Please check out the wraps for Day 1 and Day 2.  Anno and Ivy will hopefully have something up later on about their experiences, unless Ivy got arrested for stalking Geovany Soto.  She hasn’t called yet so I don’t think we have to bail her out.  The sleeping Cub dreaming of the World Series trophy was penned by our friend Elissa as a draft for a new T-shirt design.  Our artistic skills are lacking as you can tell by what’s available in our store, so we’re going to try to spice it up and make something people really would like to buy and wear.  So give Elissa a shout-out and warm wishes as she’s not feeling too hot these days, but is always in good cheer.

I’d have to say that I liked seeing all the Cubs swag and jerseys flooding the hotel area, it was basically like the outside of Wrigley Field on game day.  Had some good conversations with a few fans, and a lot of eye-rolling at others (don’t worry, I kept my mouth shut and didn’t start any fights).  Kind of bummed I couldn’t get Alfonso Soriano‘s autograph, but I did get one from this guy…

He just kind of walked in. That was serendipitous.

I also got a photograph on my first day with this guy. He could beat me in a foot race for sure. But I’m still taller. Here’s hoping he works on his bunting.

Tony's a nice guy.

Lots of other brush-bys with Cubs personnel and players. I could’ve probably shaken Fergie Jenkins’ hand but the sports guy he was working for would’ve charged me $20 for it.

For the most part the sessions were informative but wasn’t anything too new that I didn’t know before. What was breaking news was the scoreboard thing, or LED board or whatever they want to call it.  We were at that session and that’s why the news broke on our site about the same time as the media dudes Tweeted it.  We also learned quite a bit about player development and scouting and now feel pretty good about how these guys go about their jobs.

The amount of traffic going through the building was insane.  I spent a bit more time being bored than I was entertained, but the few times I got to mill around with the random player and see a living legend were really cool.  I think in the future I might just watch the Opening Ceremony from wherever I end up instead of hoping to camp out at the very front of the crowd, and probably bring a camping chair and some booze too.  And I probably won’t camp out for autographs anymore unless it’s for someone I really can’t miss…I feel like I would have eventually gotten Brett Jackson’s autograph anyway even if I hadn’t camped out two hours in advance.  Looking at the program, by the time Sunday rolls around nothing’s going on anyway so that’s probably a throw-away day.  So I’m glad I decided to stay in where it’s warmer.

I will probably try to take my son next time (Anno got me a free pass this year) and see what it’s like from a kid’s point of view.  I guess my first experience with the Cubs Convention was about three notches above “meh”, but maybe that will change when the team doesn’t suck so much and the only players to get excited about aren’t either in the minors or long since retired. I did get a chance to touch base with a few fellow bloggers who are really cool guys, and also some fans who follow us, so there’s always a good opportunity for networking. The experience was still worthwhile but I’ve learned a lot about how much I can actually tolerate.

Thanks for the free pass, Anno!  Otherwise I probably would’ve just stayed home.

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