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Yaaaaaaawwwnn.  I wasn’t going to do a blog today.  I was a little banged up and had some carpal issues going on.    So I just dropped my pants, got the alcohol, they gave me a shot, put the Band Aid on, and BAM!  Here I am, ready to go.  Call me dumb and stupid, but I don’t feel any adverse reaacacacacacacacactions.  Really, I don’t.

  •  So the story of the day yesterday was the big signing.  I’m left flabbergasted at the amount of money that some players are able to command.  I mean, REALLY?  Wilson Betemit signs a 2 year deal for $3.25M with a vesting option for a 3rd year?  Stunning.


  • With regard to the Prince Fielder signing, I find it awfully funny that just four days before he inked him to the fourth-largest contract in MLB history, Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski, upon being asked if they would consider Prince Fielder as an option, responded that Fielder was “probably not a good fit”.

That’s one helluva organizational girdle that they found in four days….


  •  In the weeks leading up to the eventual deal, Scott Boras was asked numerous times about the main concern with signing Fielder.  His response was as such:“Everyone talks to me about Prince’s body, but when you have that 5’11” strike zone, that is a huge advantage and that’s why that on-base percentage is sitting there,” he said. “Those pitchers have to put the ball into a smaller window and I believe that it’s more difficult to do.”I have one question.  Did the reporters who were standing around Boras when he made that comment really accept that as his answer.  There wasn’t ONE GUY who looked around at the other guys with a sense of bewilderment, then at Boras and said, “Umm, Mr. Boras, sir?  We were talking about the 85 gallons of PURE CUSTARD around his middle section, not his freaking HEIGHT!”Note to self:  Never become a sportswriter and cover Scott Boras… 


  • A reminder to all of us who value prospects (YES, GoCubsGo, THAT one was aimed at you, and there is no “LOL” at the end of it), the MLBNetwork will be unveiling its “Top 100 Prospects” show this evening at 9pm CT.  This will be an in-depth, comprehensive look at the games brightest up and coming stars, and will almost assuredly include Cubs prospects Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, and Brett Jackson.


  • Jeff Samardzija states his case to become a part of the Cubs’ 2012 starting rotation.  Samardzija enjoyed his best season as a pro last year, and there are scouts that agree with him that he has turned a corner in his maturation as a pitcher.


  • Marlon Byrd has shed 40 pounds since incorporating Muay Thai into his workout regimen and changing his diet.  Hats off to Marlon for being able to get in such great shape… quickly… VERY quickly…..(Victor Conte references start in 3……2……1……)


  • Roy Oswalt has been rumored to be talking with the St. Louis Cardinals about a one-year deal, tweets ESPN’s Peter Gammons.  Hmmph.  Their top-3 would be Wainwright, Carpenter, and Oswalt.  Wanna talk about fine lines?   If they signed him, the Cardinals could be looking at three 15-18 game winners at the top of their rotation.  They could also be looking at opening a division of M*A*S*H’s 4077th unit in their clubhouse with the injury histories of all three.


  • Yeonnis Cespedes, fresh off his 5-for-35 (.143) showing in the Dominican Winter League, has finally established his Dominican residency, meaning that it’s just a matter of days until he hits the open market.Meanwhile, Marlins’ President David Sampson claims that they will  “outbid anyone” for Cespedes’ services.  Cespedes projects to be a huge draw for the Marlins in the Cuban and Latin American community that makes up Miami.  Sampson goes on to say that he plans to be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity”.Sorry, David.  You already hit that threshold when you signed Jose Reyes, who has missed 191 games over the last 3 seasons with an assortment of calf, hammy, and ankle injuries, and whose game is solely reliant on speed, to a 6 year $102M contract, and again when you handed a soon-to-be 33-year old Mark Buehrle 4 years and $58M.But you didn’t hear that from me….


  • Finally, Dan Patrick….SHUT UP, ALREADY!



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