Top Ten List: Things Bud Selig should make the Cubs send to the Red Sox as compensation for Theo Epstein

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Since it is now up to Bud Selig to decide the compensation issue between the Cubs and Red Sox over Theo Epstein’s assumption of the role of President of Cubs Baseball Operations (patent pending), there are debates on how much should actually be given up.  Responses range between what was given up for Andy MacPhail back in the day all the way to Matt Garza, but we believe that Bud will probably use MacPhail’s compensation as a precedent and won’t end up forcing the Cubs to give up all that much.  So here at WSD we decided to make a top ten list of potential compensation items as decided by Herr Selig.

10.  Ronnie Woo-Woo

9.  Theo Epstein’s weight in Bison Dogs

8.  Rebel Ridling’s naming rights

7.  Tony Campana (if Red Sox president Larry Lucchino can catch him)

6.  Pete Ricketts’ Rogaine

5.  All the cash Larry Lucchino can grab before the Wrigley Seagulls snatch it up

4.  Hawk Harrelson (he might complain, but who the hell cares?)

3.  Cubs pick up Carlos Silva’s buffet bill (he signed with the Red Sox remember?)

2.  Mark Prior’s towel

1.  A heartfelt middle finger

Enjoy your compensation, Boston.  You totally deserve it.

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