What’s in a jersey?

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So we’ve been setting up our store lately to include more and better designs, hopefully designs that won’t get us sued.  Shameless self-plus: you should totally check it out and maybe buy some stuff.  Everything is at-cost and we only rounded up to the nearest dollar which means we make like a penny per purchase.  But like the Cubs investing all their profits back into the team, we invest your pennies back into this blog.  Isn’t that great?

A good number to wear, methinks. We don't actually sell this in our store or else we'd really get sued.

So a question that’s been floating around in my head is what factors decide what kind of swag a fan purchases.  I know some of the ladies like how a certain color looks on them (and some guys too, not that there’s anything wrong wtih that).  Maybe it’s a favorite player or maybe you like having your name on that jersey.  Whatever it is, there’s always a reason for the swag, even if it’s as simple as “I got this on sale” or “I got this as a gift and lost the gift receipt.”

Nice hat.

For myself, the first Cubs-related swag I had was an adjustable Cubs hat that my father got for me when he went to Chicago years ago for a business trip.  It was a nice enough hat but at some point I lost it and didn’t get a replacement until a couple years back, when I got the authentic New Era on-field cap.  I’ve worn this hat since the beginning of the 2009 season and it’s gone through three softball seasons as well so it looks totally game-worn at this point.  But the hat is worn from the time pitchers and catchers report to the last game of the Cubs season, which is usually the last game of the regular season.  At some point I’ll probably get a replacement just for game days (and that won’t constrict my head, the one I have now is about a quarter-inch too tight) but I like the simplicity of the Cubs “C” over the blue background with the MLB logo on the back.  No random angry Cub or secondary logo, just what the pros wear on the field.  Not that I could ever be a pro, but since we’re fantasizing, might as well be as authentic as possible.

I also have a few random Cubs items…a fading T-shirt with the walking Cub in the C, a hoodie I got from Costco that is warm enough to be functional during the winter, and a zipper-jacket with a small “Cubs” lettered emblem on the left breast area.  My favorite Cubs item besides my hat is my

I like the blue and the logo.

authentic alternate blue jersey.  I think this jersey is the most appropriate one to wear because you can wear it anywhere–whether at home, away, or at spring training–and it would still be alright.  It doesn’t really make sense to me to wear a road gray jersey at Wrigley Field, or to wear the home pinstripes in, say, Busch Stadium.  But the alternate blue jersey is like the all-purpose jersey.  I also figured that if I was going to splurge on a jersey, I might as well get the right stuff, so my jersey has the National League patch on the right sleeve.  I also decided not to get a jersey with a name and number on the back, because in today’s free agent climate and with fans’ attitudes being the way they are, I didn’t want to be stuck with a jersey of someone who was no longer on the team or who was hated.  I also don’t really feel the need to have my name on the back of a jersey, but to each their own.

And that’s what you get when there’s no Cubs news of note.

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