Cubs Practice Game #1

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For some intrasquad action, check out Tim Sheridan’s blog where he posted a video of some of the plays from the Blue vs. White game.

I’d also recommend that you keep tabs on both Carrie Muskat and the ESPN Chicago blogs.  There are so many goings-on and not enough broadcasting to handle it all.  There were plenty of mistakes in today’s game, including a couple of baserunning miscues in the same inning.  Manager Dale Sveum didn’t seem too miffed, saying that he wanted the players to be more aggressive.  I think they’ll probably have a talk and a few more drills on when it’s okay to take off, and when you should be more cautious.

Overall, I wouldn’t take too much away from this game.  There’s still plenty to work on and plenty of time to do it in.  It would behoove the Cubs to take this time to ensure that these mistakes don’t happen as often in games that actually count.  The Cubs may have lost today, but they likely will not go 0-for-spring.

The key play was probably Jeff Beliveau‘s “0 innings pitched” in which he gave up a hit and walked the bases loaded without recording an out.  Without that bad outing, the Cubs probably squeak out a victory in today’s meaningless practice game.  However, it sounded from the radio broadcast that Beliveau might have been getting squeezed at the plate after early wildness, so who knows.  The lesson right now is to not overanalyze an early spring training game.  There will be plenty of time to yell at the Cubs later.

Tomorrow’s practice game against the A’s will be broadcast on WGN radio, so enjoy!  Keep the broadcast schedule in your bookmarks.

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