Cubs Practice Game #2

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Not much to say here as the game wasn’t televised, although Pat Hughes and Keith Moreland called the game for the first time this season on WGN Radio.  Remind me to find an AM radio that will actually work in this building; this place is like a radio dead zone.

So what happened today?  Well, the Cubs lost by a run again, this time in the 9th inning as Anthony Zych made his Cubs spring training debut.  Zych, as some of you may recall, was a 2011 fourth-round pick in the last year that the Cubs could spend out the nose on draft picks before the ratification of the new collective bargaining agreement.  He did give up the go-ahead and eventual game-winning home run, but also struck out a couple guys.  For a 20 year old kid in his first Cactus League action, he did okay.

The key inning was inning number six, when Marco Carrillo was a bit wild and got slapped around a bit to give up four runs, trimming the Cubs lead to just one.  Manny Corpas gave up the lead the next inning.  But it’s spring training, everyone’s working on a specific pitch and pretty much always throwing that pitch so it’s possible for opposing batters to just sit on the pitch and drive it.  No need to panic yet.  Someday the Cubs will beat the A’s, but today is not the day.  Consider that in these games, the starters are out halfway through, the starting pitcher barely goes two innings (maybe three) this early in the Cactus League slate, and most of the relievers are just getting their work in.  Life will go on, I promise you.

The good news is that tomorrow, you get to listen to Pat and Keith again as the Cubs take on the Rockies at Colorado’s swanky ballpark, and hopefully they won’t get attacked by bees.


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