Cubs Practice Game #5: No Win Streak For You!

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In today’s loss to the Mariners, the only thing we can really say is that the pitching was meh.  Without actually seeing the plays and pitch locations I can’t really tell you how they did, even with the fairly good play-by-play with Len Kasper on radio.  I will just assume that they were trying some pitches and a lot of them didn’t work.

There were multiple bases-loaded situations (mostly set up by the minor league scrubs later on in the game) and those are more likely to result in big innings against our heroes.  The ultimate back-breaker was in the fifth inning, when Carlos Marmol came in to get some work done.  Marmol was able to get a couple strikeouts but couldn’t get out of the inning as he got knocked around quite a bit.  These weren’t even bloops or flares, they were flat out hard-hit line drives, and that doesn’t include the 3-run homer.

A fan on our Facebook page was at the game and suggested that Marmol looked fine when he was using his fastball, but when he tried some of his off-speed stuff, that’s when the damage was done.  Pitchf/x wasn’t available for this game so I can’t track the balls that were put into play, but I’m inclined to think that Marmol was just working on something and obviously it did not work.  So at the least, now Carlos knows what NOT to throw.

Tomorrow’s practice game is against the White Sox and you can listen in on radio, and they’ll show it on MLB Network too, which might mean they will stream it on for free…if you’re lucky.  If you’re not lucky, you’ll be stuck with whoever the Sox guys are on WGN TV.

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