Cubs Practice Game #6: Cubs avenge loss to White Sox in 1906 World Series by beating them in spring training scrimmage

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Nah, I was kidding.  This is yet another meaningless game.  But any Cubs win is a good one, we just hope they pile them up when the wins actually count for something besides bragging rights.  5-1 is a pretty good score that tells you the Cubs had a decent offense on the day and the pitching held up well.

Tony Campana got into today’s game!  And that’s our cue to pimp our April contest.  Read that article to find out how you can win swag from our store.  Kosuke Fukudome was also in the game, but on the White Sox side.  That was a bit weird…Kosuke ended up grounding out in the ninth.

The Cubs had some random power surges today from Edgar Gonzalez (you know, Adrian Gonzalez‘s less-talented brother), Marlon Byrd and Steve Clevenger.  Edgar’s homer came off of Chris Sale, who was relegated to the White Sox’ bullpen but is now being stretched into a starter despite never having started in a professional game at any level.  Hopefully the kid won’t blow out his arm.  He had some good stuff but the Cubs were still able to slap him around a bit in between a few strikeouts.  Of course the thin Arizona air may have something to do with the homers, but we’re talking about no-doubters here.  Pretty nice to see, and the home runs were a huge part of the win.

Travis Wood made the start today and did get hit around a bit, and also suffered from some control problems and bad luck.  The first run was partially aided by his throwing error to first.  Travis loaded the bases in the third before Randy Wells induced a 5-3 double play to get out of the inning.  Randy had a less eventful outing to keep the Sox off the board through the fifth inning.  I’m guessing that the postgame will suggest what the pitchers were working on.  They should definitely work on the stuff that induces outs.

Later on we got to see Dae-Eun Rhee, one of the better pitching prospects who decided to strike out the side in the eighth inning.  Still against minor leaguers, but swings-and-misses are always a positive.

More games on WGN, this time with the Cubs’ announcers, this weekend against the Brewers and Dodgers.  So keep your clickers on the ready.

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