Cubs Practice Game(s) #14A and #14B: Let’s pretend they were drunk for St. Patrick’s Day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  And even though I’m pretty sure the Cubs don’t allow beer in the clubhouse, you wonder if the Cubs had a bit too much to drink before their split squad contests today as they dropped both games.  I wasn’t paying attention as I was out and about most of the day, only checking a score or two here or there when I had a spare moment.  I guess I could have gone to see them dye the river green, or gotten a bit drunk myself, but it was a nice day and we took a nice drive into the burbs to visit a friend and relax and let the kid play with a new friend.  Cool story, bro.

Alright, so games happened.  Let’s have a look-see.

It sounded like Paul Maholm was looking good against the A’s today, despite some shaky defense from Josh Vitters that prolonged the inning.  Runs are runs, and extra outs are never good for the pitcher.  However, Maholm kept the damage to those three unearned runs.  I’m pretty sure he has a spot in the rotation locked up, with both his salary and his makeup.  For the Cubs’ offense, Geovany Soto had a good day with a homer and a double.  Tony Campana is still 0-for-spring training, though he got on base and all the way to third on a wild throw by the pitcher.  You can still enter our contest and win some swag.

Who ya gonna call? Goatbusters!

Speaking of swag, check out our store for a new design.  I was bored last night and did this “Goatbusters” mash-up.  I’m fairly confident we won’t get sued for this, but if you think you deserve compensation for this design, use our contact form to tell us so and we’ll throw some pennies at you because that’s about all we make off these products anyway.  I’ll find a way to enlarge the design later so that it can work on a T-shirt as well, so patience everyone!

In Vegas, Jeff Samardzija was very effective against the Rangers, scattering three hits and giving up just one run to go with three strikeouts in his four innings of work.  Kind of silly that he took the loss as the Cubs forgot how to score until he was well out of the game, but by that point the Rangers were going apeshit against Cubs “relief” pitching so it didn’t matter, just as most spring training statistics don’t matter.  Adrian Cardenas, Junior Lake and Steve Clevenger got to homer later in the game as well but it wasn’t quite enough as their pitchers were slightly less shitty than ours were.  If you’re wondering, some believe that Samardzija is a favorite for the rotation and he hasn’t hurt his case at all this spring.

In random ex-Cub news, did you know that Carlos Silva was released today?  I guess he wasn’t good enough for the Yankees or the Red Sox after all.

The Cubs play the White Sox tomorrow in Arizona while battling the Rangers again in Vegas.  Split squads are pretty crazy at this point in the schedule, but expect more roster trimming after the off-day on Wednesday and a more regular season-esque lineup and managing soon after that.  In the meantime, you still have about three or four hours left of St. Patrick’s Day to kill your liver, so what are you waiting for?

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