Another Contest To Keep You Interested (In April, At Least)

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Once upon a time, World Series Dreaming founder Anno Catuli and devoted minion Rice Cube made a gentlemen’s bet where we argued about whether the Cubs could score more or less than 70 runs in the month of April.  We already have a contest going where you can try to guess how many home runs the inimitable Cubs legend Tony Campana can hit in the month of April.

As luck would have it, our friend and WSD devotee, Shawn Cusack, has a Billy Williams bobblehead doll that he wants to give away.  We talked and decided it might be fun to incorporate this into another contest.  What better way to get people to invest in our blog than to give away free stuff?  Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Here's one to embiggen.

Why would Shawn want to give away a perfectly good bobblehead of Sweet Swingin’ Billy Williams?  Well, because he has TWO of them.  So obviously he’ll keep one, and one of you lucky fans will get the other one.  Below, check out some shots he took of the bobblehead just so you know that it’s in good condition etc. etc.  Unfortunately no longer mint in box but seriously, are you going to keep a bobblehead of a Hall of Famer and not display it prominently in your sports memorabilia area?

It’s got a bat and the comically oversized head and everything!

Back view. Click to embiggen.
Look at that smile! Click to embiggen.

Are you satisfied with the prize yet? I certainly hope you are. Now, you ask, how would one go about winning this awesome almost-new not-so-mint-in-box bobblehead doll?  I’m glad you asked, because now we’re going to get into some rules and quasi-legalese…

World Series Dreaming Contest

Based on how much faith you have in the 2012 Cubs offense

Premise: Predict how many runs the 2012 Cubs offense will score in the month of April.  Since it is literally impossible to score “0” runs in a month, and no matter how much the team deserves it, you can’t score negative runs, you should probably pick a number greater than zero.  You may use the Cubs schedule to inform your prediction.  Do not include runs scored in spring training games.  (There are a few straggling games at the beginning of April before Opening Day on Thursday, April 5.)

There will be three (3) tiebreakers.  The first tiebreaker is for you to tell us which Cubs player will record the first RBI of 2012.  The second tiebreaker is for you to tell us how the run scored; for example, was it scored by a home run, a suicide squeeze, a defensive error, etc.?  The third tiebreaker will be which Cubs player scores the first run of 2012.  That should be enough to keep this from going to a raffle like the Tony Campana contest is probably going to do.

General Rules:

  1. You must enter your prediction within this blog post in the form of a comment.  Entries left on Anno’s Twitter feed or on our facebook page are ineligible.  The easiest thing for you to do in order to make sure your comment isn’t killed off by our insanely powerful spam filter is to sign up for an account on our blog, which will help your comment bypass the spam filter.
  2. The period in question is between April 5, 2012 and April 30, 2012inclusive.  Rainouts that are not made up within the month of April will not count and home runs hit during those makeup dates outside of April, if any, will not count towards the Cubs’ run total.  We don’t control the weather so if it rains/snows/asteroids, you’re out of luck.  Sorry.
  3. You may enter only once, and remember to submit both the total number of  runs scored as well as the three tiebreakers (listed above and below).  If you enter multiple times, we will only take the last registered comment you left in this thread.
  4. The first tie-breaker, as noted above, is the player who delivered the first RBI (run batted in).  The second tie-breaker is how the run scored (by homer, sacrifice fly, etc, whether or not a RBI was awarded).  The first and second tie-breakers are not necessarily the same event because certain runs are scored without a RBI being awarded (i.e. on a double play grounder or a defensive error).  The last tie-breaker will be the player who scored the first run.
  5. All entries must be posted by Thursday, April 5th by the time Ryan Dempster (or whichever replacement Opening Day Cubs starter or reliever if Ryan decides to serve batting practice and doesn’t get out of the inning) is done with the top of the first inning.  This will be right before David DeJesus (or whichever replacement Cubs leadoff hitter) comes to bat in an official regular season game for the first time, and before the first official Cubs run of the season can possibly be scored.  You will be allowed to post up to the point when Ryan Dempster (or colleague) walks off the mound to signify the end of the visiting Nationals’ half of the first inning.  Your comments are time-stamped so late comments will be obvious and will not be accepted.
  6. And no, WSD employees (even though we don’t get paid, booooooo) and family aren’t eligible.


There will be only one (1) winner for this contest.  The winner will win Shawn Cusack’s Billy Williams bobblehead doll, pictured above.  To award his generosity, Shawn will also be allowed to enter, but since he doesn’t want the bobblehead doll, he will be able to choose one (1) T-shirt or hat item from our store.  The bobblehead doll will then go to the runner-up.  So depending on how you feel, maybe you want to convince Shawn to enter and for you to come in second.  Lulz.  But yeah, all of you not named Shawn Cusack (and if there are two of you, we’re talking about the guy who already has the bobblehead doll and who we personally know) will actually be playing for the bobblehead.  Go to the other contest to press your luck if you really want a T-shirt or hat.

The winner will be picked from the comments in this thread as prescribed above and will be contacted by a World Series Dreaming administrator (probably Rice, haha).  The winner, if Shawn Cusack, will be able to choose any design they want for the T-shirt or hat.  The bobblehead winner (whether the overall first prize winner, or the second-place finisher should Shawn win his T-shirt) will receive the carefully packaged bobblehead doll direct from Shawn (postage paid so you don’t have to worry about it).  Cool?  Cool.

Good luck everyone!



About Rice Cube

Rice Cube is the executive vice president of snark at World Series Dreaming. He loves all things Cubs, with notable exceptions (specifically, the part of Cubs fandom that pisses him off). Follow on Twitter at cubicsnarkonia

24 Replies to “Another Contest To Keep You Interested (In April, At Least)”

  1. From Daren Ziegner, who posted in the wrong thread for some odd reason… 😀

    Daren Ziegner
    Submitted on 2012/03/25 at 2:34 pm
    I believe in the month of April the Cubs will score 67 runs and that LaHaire will have a RBI on a ground rule double and that Soriano will score the run.

  2. The Cubs will score 95 runs in April.

    The first RBI of the season will come from a double hit by Bryan LaHair scoring Starlin Castro from first base.

  3. I’m going to say 79 runs. The 1st RBI will be by Geovany Soto on a sac fly. The 1t run scored will be Starlin Castro – and, even though you didn’t ask – I’ll say on a home run on the 3rd day of the season.
    Ta Da!

  4. The total runs the cubs will score in April will be 85

    Tiebreaker 1—– Geovany Soto

    Tiebreaker 2—– Triple….

    Tiebreaker 3—–Sterlin Castro

  5. Wow, these 2 games against Milwaukee and St. Louis really screwed up my chances of winning…but I am okay with that!!!

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