Cubs Report – Opening Day to 4/15/2012

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See? They won!


The 2012 MLB season is in full swing, and the Cubs have played their first 10 games, so let’s take a brief view at what they have done, the positives and negatives and look ahead at the next series.

Series vs. Nationals:

4/5- L 1-2

4/7- L 4-7

4/8- W 4-3

Series vs. Brewers

4/9- L 5-7

4/10- L 4-7

4/11- L 1-2

4/12- W 8-0

Series vs. Cardinals

4/13 W 9-5

4/14- L 1-5

4/15- L 3-10

The Cubs are 3-7 in their first 10 games, 3 of which have been decided by one run and up to this point they have avoided getting swept.

The positives:

Starting pitching- Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza, and Jeff Samardzija have pitched very well and have given the team the opportunity to stay in games. Garza and Samardzija had the chance to complete their respective games but were unable due to the team’s defensive miscues. These three have allowed only 13 runs in 42.2 innings for a 2.32 ERA. Chris Volstad and Paul Maholm haven’t had the same success but let’s hope that they are able to work out the kinks and be better.

Offense- Yes, the offense. As we saw in the last game of the series vs. The Brewers (W 8-0) and the first game vs. The Cardinals (W 9-5) this team has enough power to win games with a comfortable lead. Sure they lost 7 other games, but we can come up with several reasons why they did, but as those two games showed, the power is there, and they need to start showing it more. The starting pitcher won’t be lights out every game, so maybe Sveum has to find out what they had for breakfast that morning and make sure they have it before every game 😉

Soriano’s legs- It seems as though he is finally comfortable and healthy enough to use them, hey he even had one stolen base! These last few games we saw some awesome catches from him…including this one:

Soriano Diving catch

Sure he needs to be more patient and learn how to hit and yada yada yada, but c’mon he isn’t as bad as fans think he is.

Not too sexy:

Defense- The Cubs have committed seven errors in these first ten games, which have led to three unearned runs. Castro has committed four of those errors. They need to make those necessary outs and not give the other team extra chances.

Bullpen- The first two games of the season included blown saves which lead to losses, which led to Cub fans starting to panic but the bullpen has shown improvement since but my heart rate still goes up when they call in the bullpen, especially Marmol.

Byrd and Soto- Nothing gives me more pain than to include my beloved Geo in this but I have to…I love my Cubbies far more. While I don’t believe that Soto (.138) sucks I do believe that he is an integral part of the team, and he really needs to get going, let’s hope he finds his groove soon, no one wants that more than I do. Byrd definitely has gotten to a very slow start, he needs to be more patient and show that power that we know he has, right now though, his .065 batting average isn’t showing much. He is the center of trade talks, maybe we won’t have to worry about it much longer but for now he’s still on the team so let’s root for him to come out of this sooner than later.

Cubs are in Miami ready to start a 3-game series tonight with the Marlins and a lot of old faces…fortunately or unfortunately (depending who you ask) they will not be facing Big Z but here are your probable Starting Pitchers:

Tuesday 4/17 @ 7:10 p.m. ET

Ryan Dempster (0-1, 1.88 ERA) vs. Josh Johnson (0-2, 8.38 ERA)

Wednesday 4/18 @ 7:10 p.m. ET

Matt Garza (1-0, 1.23 ERA) vs. Mark Buehrle (0-2, 3.65 ERA)

Thursday 4/19 @ 12:40 p.m. ET

Jeff Samardzija (2-0, 3.95 ERA) vs. Ricky Nolasco (1-0, 3.46 ERA)

The Cubs will return home after this series, let’s hope they come back with a few W’s. Go Cubs!


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