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Hi folks!  The Cubs season is underway and while the team is treading water, we here at World Series Dreaming continue to bring you sunshine and roses on Facebook, Twitter, this blog and our messageboards.  While we started as a Facebook community, we’d really like everyone to keep in touch and interact through all media.  Read on to see what’s in store as we keep improving our content.


Since we are primarily Facebook-based, we try to refrain from going nuts with status updates and what not.  Therefore we’ve implemented a schedule where Ivy will bring you a new Cubs game recap after two full series are played, usually posted on Monday or Tuesday following the end of the second series.  We are very interactive on Facebook but feel that in between the random blogs by Rice, Anno and BleacherBum, it’s a nice way to consolidate the results of the week into one summary post and Ivy does a great job with that.

We also keep track of the minors, and will also keep an eye on the MLB Draft this June as the Cubs hope to maximize the few picks they have in the early rounds.  Jackson will post a weekly update of all the Cubs’ minor league games and who is doing well among the more exciting prospects.

We also have Crazy Cubs Fan doing Bleacher Banter, a resurrection of his earlier blog from another site.  It’s nice to have a different viewpoint from another Cubs fan and we hope you’ll check those out as well.

Blog Page Features

You’ll notice a few things all around our blog.  Towards the top, above our masthead, are several buttons.  There will be a FAQ page (into which this will be linked) that hopefully answers most of your questions.  We also have a Media page that holds some of our Cubs songs and videos.  There is a link to the messageboard and to our store.  Please check those out.  If you have questions, the Contact Form works very well and we encourage you to use it.

On the left sidebar, we have additional links to our Facebook page as well as our friends at, who host our site and our messageboards.  Below that we have a search form, the current National League Central division standings (as of end of games that day) and our most recent comments list.  There might be some random stuff thrown around there but the aforemention items are pretty standard.

On the right sidebar, we have a widget that tells you whether the Cubs won that day’s game (or if they have the day off), with a link to the most recent game’s box score.  It won’t link to anything during the offseason, but for now it will help you find out how the Cubs did and see what your favorite Cub produced in the line score.

We also have Google +1 buttons all over, so give us that feedback if you like what we do.  The link just below the “Cubs win” widget will take you to our search result on Google.  There are plenty of ways you can spread the word, so we appreciate what you do for us.

Under the WSD widget are Anno’s Tweets and our blogroll.  We encourage you to follow those blogs as the Cubs blogosphere is a network and we all get along with each other.  You will learn something new each day from every one of them.  We will add more as we get to know more bloggers and will also link their articles on our Facebook page as well as in our blog articles.

That’s pretty much it for now.  As usual, thanks for following us here at WSD.  Thanks also for sending your friends this way.

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Rice Cube is the executive vice president of snark at World Series Dreaming. He loves all things Cubs, with notable exceptions (specifically, the part of Cubs fandom that pisses him off). Follow on Twitter at cubicsnarkonia

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