Stop! Just Stop!

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Being a fan  of the Chicago Cubs, I understand the frustrations the fans feel when certain players like Chris Volstad or Carlos Marmol blow up and ruin any chance for a win. I do, I understand that fans want nothing more than to see the team they love win as many games as they can, even in a year when there was never much expectation for a winning season to be had. But the problem is, no matter how many times you try to tell fans something they should know, some of them simply do not listen to reality checks when we try to give them.

For weeks I have heard a countless number of fans demanding to trade this player or that player.  They want to purge the team of every bad player that they can because they think that they are complete and utter garbage, a waste of a roster spot on their team. Every time I hear a fan demand that their team trades a player like Volstad or Marmol, my response to them is always the same, and they rarely ever respond. That question is, “If you were the general manager of another team, would you trade for them”. If the answer is no, then what makes you think any other team would do so?

If you want to have any chance of trading a player, the other team must see them as having some value. Something they can build off of and turn into a successful trade for them so they do not get burned trading for another team’s junk. If you think that these players suck and have no helpful value to another team, what makes you think that another team will see something of value in them? Chances are, they are seeing the same exact things that you are. Which means, there is virtually no chance your team will be able to trade them. If you want to make a trade, there has to be at least one other team that is interested in the talent you are looking to purge your team of.

The other aspect which apparently has been paid no attention to a percentage of fans, is that not every player can be sent to the minor leagues. One of the agreements in the labor agreement gives veterans the right to deny a demotion to the minor leagues. This kicks in for all five year veterans of the game. So for everyone demanding the Cubs send Marmol down to the minors, just stop. He has every right to deny a trip back to the minors. Put him through waivers if you wish, but he will still have to give his permission if he is to be sent to the minor leagues. No matter how many times we try to tell fans this, some of them either do not want to remember this rule or do not believe us.

Even with trip to the disabled list, I do not think he can be sent to Iowa for a rehab stint without giving his consent. If he does not feel he needs a rehab stint or just simply does not want to go to the minors for one, he will not go. There is nothing the Cubs can do to counter that except keeping him on the disabled list and keep him on the sidelines.

Granted, they can activate him from the disabled list and immediately designate him for assignment, but the club would still be on the hook for the entire contract; not that fans would mind since he would be off the club. But Marmol holds all the cards on whether or not he will be sent to Iowa or any other level of the minor league system. Asking the Cubs to do so, day after day, is a waste of your time. So just stop. It is pointless to ask for something that will not happen.

The same goes for Volstad, though for a different reason than Marmol. He does not have the veteran rights that Marmol has, but he is out of options and if you want him off the roster, he must be designated for assignment, something I highly doubt  the Cubs want to do with a young 25 year old arm. If he is designated for assignment, as you should know by now, he can refuse an assignment to the minor leagues and get his outright release. Again, I doubt many fans would care about how he is taken off the roster as long as he is catapulted off the team. But the constant demands to send him down to the minors are a waste of your time because that is not really an option.

I get that you are all frustrated and want to get rid of the crap and play different players, but that is not always as easy as you think moves like that will be. So just stop. Stop demanding things that can not happen without several other things taking place first.

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