Ivy’s Cubs Game Round-Up (up to 6/20)

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The Cubs are 6-19 since my last update; it’s hard to believe, seriously. Life is so busy at the moment and sometimes it gets so stressful and I need something to make me forget about everyday problems and bring a smile to my face. The Cubs have always done that to me…made me smile, but with this team, a smile is hard to come by. It’s always the same thing, they deceive us by scoring a lot of runs and pitching great, and then the next game they forget how to hit and make struggling pitchers look like Cy Young winners.

The scores:

6/01 @ Giants L 3-4                         6/12 vs. Tigers W 4-3

6/02 @ Giants L 1-2                         6/13 vs. Tigers L 4-8

6/03 @ Giants L 0-2                         6/14 vs. Tigers L 3-5

6/04 @ Giants L 2-3

6/05 @ Brewers W 10-0                  6/15 vs. Red Sox W 3-0

6/06 @ Brewers L 0-8                      6/16 vs. Red Sox L 3-4

6/07 @ Brewers L 3-4                      6/17 vs. Red Sox L 4-7

6/08 @ Twins L 7-8                          6/18 @ White Sox W 12-3

6/09 @ Twins L 3-11                       6/19 @ White Sox W 2-1

6/10 @ Twins W 8-2                        6/20 @ White Sox L 7-0


You guys know what we’ve said all season long though. This process won’t be fast or easy. In a world where we can get food in less than 5 minutes and where we have everything at our fingertips it is hard to have patience, we’re used to getting everything we want, NOW. Everything that is worth it takes time though. Same thing applies to turning a bad franchise around; it takes time, money, smart thinking and determination. It does get rough though. There are days were I’m so tired and I’m not even playing, now imagine how the guys that actually have to run out on the field everyday feel. So why are we still here? Well, because we love them, and when you love something or someone so much you stick with them no matter what. Which takes me to my next point, all this Alfonso Soriano bashing is so annoying. I know Rice already touched on it but seriously, it amazes me how some Cub fans are. It’s almost as if they like crappy players that show they play hard instead of players that haven’t been that bad and don’t run out of the box fast enough on a line drive. I think that we really need to cut him some slack.

The Cubs starters have been a little bit better once again. Randy Wells has been the one that has struggled, while Travis Wood has shown that he doesn’t suck that bad after all. Wells (1-2) got the start as a sub for Ryan Dempster, who was placed on the disabled list on Monday. It was Wells’ third start with the big league team and first since April 28. I really like Randy and wished that he could be part of the rotation, but with last night’s start, he didn’t prove much. He walked too many guys, didn’t last long and didn’t make the big pitches when he needed to get out of jams. So the Cubs have some thinking to do about this one while Dempster recovers. They could recall Chris Volstad, who was sent down to Iowa or they could give Randy one more chance. Volstad is 2-1 with a 4.78 ERA in six starts at Iowa. Carlos Marmol never ceases to make us panic just a little every time he pitches. As you all know, he’s back as the team’s closer and it’ll be interesting to see how his pitching has evolved, if it even has. He’s gotten very few save opportunities to be able to tell. Where the Cubs really need to improve is in being more consistent offensively. It was nice to see the 5 homeruns that they hit vs. the White Sox on Monday. We need to get more of that and it would be nice if they would spread them out and not hit them all in just one game 🙂 Speaking of hitting, Bryan LaHair is 3-for-30 against left-handed pitchers (.100). His average has been dipping and he needs to figure something out, pronto. LaHair and Geovany Soto would bring a lot of spark if they can get going offensively and hit a little more consistently. With Geo back in the line up once again, I’m hoping he finally takes off and has another great year. They also need to have some clutch hitting. This is where I miss Aramis Ramirez sometimes. For example, last night, for the second night in a row, they wasted a leadoff triple, this time by Starlin Castro. We can’t have that. They could have easily started a rally and they also had opportunities early on to take the lead but they just couldn’t get a run across. Rumors are swirling that Anthony Rizzo might join the team soon. And while I’m so excited we have to remember to think logically here. He’s not the answer, he’s not going to come in and change the whole team around. It’s going to take more than one guy to change all this mess but I do understand that at least he might make this season a little more fun to watch. It might give us a bit of hope of what’s to come.

Looking Ahead

The Cubs will have a quick 3-game series with the Diamondbacks and then come back home to face the Mets. Have you guys heard about the weather in Arizona? It was like 110 degrees. Let’s hope their bats can heat up too! 🙂


Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Friday June 22, 2012

Jeff Samardzija, RHP (5-5, 4.04 ERA) vs. Joe Saunders, LHP (4-5, 3.44 ERA)


Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Saturday June 23, 2012

Paul Maholm, LHP (4-5, 4.88 ERA) vs. Ian Kennedy, RHP (5-7, 4.13 ERA)


Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Sunday June 24, 2012

Matt Garza, RHP (3-5, 4.07 ERA) vs. Wade Miley, LHP (8-3, 2.30 ERA)


New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs

Monday June 25, 2012

Johan Santana, LHP (5-3, 3.00 ERA) vs. Travis Wood, LHP (1-3, 4.14ERA)


So, I wanted to leave you guys with a few questions. I pointed out earlier that we have all stuck with them all these years because we love them. And even though the Cubs haven’t won, we still watch, root, and fill up the seats at Wrigley Field. So, what makes you stay through all this? Why are you a fan even though they haven’t won? And finally, will your children or grandchildren be Cub fans? Or will you try to talk them out of this suffering? Lol…seriously though, we are probably the best fans out there, and even though they haven’t won in so long, we’re still faithful, I’m interested to see the responses. Please comment below! Thanks for reading and as always Go Cubs!


2 Replies to “Ivy’s Cubs Game Round-Up (up to 6/20)”

  1. Great post!

    Now to answer you questions, I’m still here because I love this team more than anything. This team taught me how to be a sports fan. I lived through 2003 and while it still hurts to talk about, just seeing what Chicago is like when the team is winning is incredible. The feelings of a dream coming true make it worthwhile. So why am I still here? Because I know one day it’s going to happen and I’ll know it has been worth it because we’ve stuck it out til the end!
    If I’m ever blessed with kids, it’ll be up to them to decide who they root for, but my Cubs influences will be there.

  2. Thanks Ale! and also thanks for commenting.

    Yeah I guess when you’re in, you’re in it for a lifetime. It will be that much sweeter when we do win because of all we’ve been through. I do wish that there were some players still here because it will be a completely different team that wins it but of course I would rather see them win more than anything! 🙂

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