Chicago Cubs Season Ticket Holders Family Day 2012

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Today, Chicago Cub season ticket holders were invited to Wrigley Field to partake in season ticket holder family day, and could bring a couple guests. As you may know, I share a season ticket plan with my mother and brother and the seven of us made our way down to Wrigley Field to pick up our tickets.

The ticket design is pretty simple, but you needed one to get in

After making our way into the historic ballpark, we were told to advance to section 124 where Cubs owner Tom Ricketts wanted to address the crowd at this session and say thank you.

Before Ricketts addressed the crowd, I was able to look around and take in the setup for the day’s events!

The score board
A bouncy house for the kids and a speed pitch


Once one o’clock arrived, Ricketts and Crane Kenney addressed the crowd for this session; where he welcomed us and thanked us.

Tom Ricketts, Crane Kenney and the man (I forget his name) who is responsible for keeping Wrigley looking beautiful

After his brief address, we were dismissed to go where ever we wanted and to have fun. Our first step was the visitor’s club dugout and clubhouse.

The view from the visitors dugout

We all sat on the bench in the visitor’s dugout. Take note of the wooden bench.

Making our way to the visitor’s club house we passed by a water fountain

Proof that the Cub players are not the only ones who get upset during the games


We started our long walk (and yes, I do mean long walk) to the visitor’s club house. Down various hallways and up a set of stairs we finally arrived. They were not kidding when they said the place was small.

Tight and Cramped as you can see. Looks cramped now? Imagine the place with twice as many people in there.

After returning to the surface, we headed to the Cubs dugout.

With one of my nephew’s and niece. Notice the padding on the Cubs’ bench?


Because their was such a large demand to visit the Cubs club house, the pathway the Cubs use before and after games was designated as the exit, with the fans told to enter from the concourse. We saved that journey for a little later as the line was almost a mile long. So we headed out to the outfield where we got to play in the ivy (but not to pick any)

After playing in the ivy, we went to get some free food. The finest hot dogs and soda Wrigley had to offer were supplied to us free of charge! After eating, I made the solo journey up to the press box! A life long dream of mine was to watch a game from the press box, so this was what I was looking forward to the most.

Along the way I passed Gary Pressy at the organ

The Cubs Radio booth

The Cubs TV booth

Unfortunately both the TV and the radio booth were locked. I might have gone into complete nerdgasm had I been allowed to go in there as well. But alas, I had to settle for the press box. Upon entering the booth, I sat at Bruce Miles’ personal spot ( I know that was his spot because of a place card which had his name along with all sorts of information) and looked out upon the field I loved.

The view from the press box

And I saw my family from high above

Hi family!

Finally, the time had come to make our way to the Cubs club house! The line was down and there was virtually no wait time!

Hall of fame plaques in the dugout!

Remember how small the visitor’s locker room was? The Cubs’ locker room was at least twice as large, though still kinda small and cramped.

Much bigger than the visitor’s club house, but still very small.

I zoomed in on Anthony Rizzo‘s locker because most of the locker room was roped off so the over zealous fans would not steal something from one of their local heroes.

However, one locker was nearby. Darwin Barney‘s locker was hear the end of the line and we could clearly see everything the locker had to offer. He was reading the “Hunger Games” as well as a book by Dean Koontz, but the title was covered. He also had a lot of fan mail waiting to be read in his locker.

Leaving the locker room, there were several signs.

May I present to you, your full roster of umpires for 2012
Your schedule for game day events


Chicago Cubs Uniform Code of Conduct


After leaving the Cubs club house, we went up a much shorter hallway to return to the Cubs dugout, but we passed by a door which shows how frustrated the Cubs players can be.

Look at all those dents!


Leaving the dugout, I took the boys over to the batting cages. Everyone was allowed to take five swings as he threw underhand to all willing participants. Hopefully this is not how real batting practice in the cages goes. If this is the normal practice, no wonder our boys in blue have been poor hitters for years.

Underhand pitches to the batters.

That wraps up the fun filled day at Wrigley Field! We left the field about 30 minutes before the event ended and were given a poster which featured the pictures that were used for every ticket for all 81 games. I do not have the picture for this, but if you have seen a season ticket for a Cubs game for this season you have an idea of what the poster would look like. Thankfully we left when we did, because the storm was rolling in. Not a good sign for the group which was signed up for the session after ours.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and our story! We had a blast. If you are not a season ticket holder, I recommend taking a tour of Wrigley. This was pretty much a VIP do as you please tour of Wrigley. You will not be disappointed!

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