Bill Murray Should Be the Designated Guest Conductor

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Yep.  Bill Murray should be the only celebrity who is allowed to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during Wrigley Field seventh-inning stretch time.  Everyone else sucks.  Remember the dude who sang on Wednesday night?  I think he was a former Bear or something.  Anyway, he sucked.  Bill Murray does not suck.  The guest conductor should always be someone who does not suck.

At the Cubs Convention this year, Anno asked if they would please please PLEASE end the guest conductor “tradition” already.  Needless to say the response was lukewarm.  But if it must go on, then we at WSD nominate Bill Murray for as long as he’s alive.  Here’s why.

Top Ten List:

Things Bill Murray Has Done That Make Him Awesomer Than You

10.  Ghostbusters

9.  Groundhog Day

8.  Caddyshack

7.  Zombieland

6.  Lost in Translation

5.  Saturday Night Live

The videos all seem to be broken, but I’m sure you recognize the “debate” from 2008.  And then there’s the classic stuff.

Saturday Night Live – Chevy Chase & Bill Murray… by ClassicPL

4.  Stripes

3.  Rushmore

2.  Random shenanigans

1. Because he’s Bill Murray

May he live forever and keep doing the guest conducting so other sucky people won’t be able to.

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