Top Ten List: Ten Reactions WSD (Well, Just Rice Really) Has For People Who Don’t Like Sammy Sosa

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Earlier Anno blogged about Kerry Wood‘s statements about wanting a job with the Cubs and bringing back old-time Cub favorites, including one Sammy Sosa.  Now I won’t lie to you.  World Series Dreaming is heavily biased towards Sammy Sosa.  He’s one of our all-time favorite Cubs, and we would argue that this reputation is much-deserved.  Kerry Wood’s suggestion to bring Sosa back into the Cubs family is not without controversy.  I guess with a player as polarizing as Sammy, Cubs fans (and baseball fans in general) are either going to love him or hate him.

Here at WSD, we welcome dissenting opinions and thoughtful conversation.  This is no exception.  But since I’m about to get an honest-to-goodness PhD and I’m feeling a little goofy, here’s another edition of the Top Ten List to tell you how many fucks I don’t give that you hate Sammy Sosa.  Enjoy.

Top Ten List:

Ten Gifs That Explain the Lack of Fucks Given By Rice Cube That You Don’t Like Sammy Sosa

10.  I don’t really care that he took steroids.


9.  I don’t care that he left a game early.  You know, the last game of the season when the Cubs were already eliminated from postseason contention.


8.  I don’t care to compare him to other random Cubs.


7. I don’t care if you think he was a diva or a cheat.


6. I don’t care what your definition of “playing the game the right way” is.

5. I don’t care how many homers you think he would’ve hit if he wasn’t on the juice.

4. I don’t care about what his teammates thought of him because you know what?  He was better than they were at baseball.


3. I don’t care what he decided to spend his money on. As long as he didn’t call a hit on someone or buy nukes for terrorists.


2. I don’t care that some media guys won’t vote for him because he took steroids.  He will always be in my Hall of Fame.


1. I don’t care if you disagree with me.

Sammy Sosa is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, Cubs of all time.  If you don’t like it, then there’s nothing I can do to change your mind.  If you decide that it’s reason enough to not like me because my character judgment is flawed, so be it.  I’ll just remember the summer of 1998 and the run in 2003 before he was exiled from Cubdom.


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