Top Ten List: 10 Highlights from the 2012 Cubs Season

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The Cubs season has been over for almost a week.  Most of us Cubs fans are bored as hell because there’s no Cubs baseball on, no matter how delightfully crappy the team is.  At least there’s the postseason but it’s obviously not the same without the Cubs.  Or maybe it is the same given that the Cubs have only made the postseason six times since I was born.  Anyway, here to remind you of the year that was, another top ten for your viewing pleasure.

Top Ten List

The Best Highlights of the Year

10. Bryan LaHair‘s walkoff single.

I know it’s a bit of a cop-out, but the year ended on a good note despite it being against the only team worse than the Cubs.  All-Star LaHair got to be the hero, you get to see the “GOOD, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD” smirk on Tom Ricketts’ face, and the guys celebrated.  Celebrated as in not just “Oh thank baby Jesus this year is over” but actual honest-to-goodness “we’re so happy” celebrate.  That was really nice to see.  It speaks to both how useful clubhouse chemistry can be because this is the kind of situation where you’d expect a bunch of guys who know they suck to kill each other, and also to how meaningless it is because while the guys liked each other, they still sucked.  But not as much as the Astros, hehe.

9. Tony Campana‘s almost TOOTBLAN that became a highlight.

What the hell were you thinking, Tony?  At least it ended well and we got a song parody out of it.

8.  Darwin Barney‘s streak-snapping error.

He had tons of other highlights, but this just illustrated how close he was to keeping that streak alive.  Barney’s defense was definitely one of the highlights of the season when there weren’t that many.

7.  Starlin Castro and Bryan LaHair (!) named All-Stars.

Every club needs at least one All-Star representative, and Castro was the logical choice.  The surprise was Bryan LaHair also coming along for the ride, but I guess if you OPS at Ruthian levels in the first month or so it carries a bit of weight among your peers.

6B.  Matt Garza‘s almost complete game against the Brewers.

See, Matt Garza isn’t a very good fielder. He’s a good enough pitcher and hopefully his arm’s okay so we can trade him at some point. But boy is he a terrible fielder. In fact this deserves a bonus highlight.

6A.  Matt Garza’s atrocious fielding.

TROLOLOLOLOL.  I was there.

5.  Jeff Samardzija‘s last outing.

In what turned out to be the only Cubs complete game of the season, Samardzija was lights out.

4.  Brett Jackson‘s ridiculous catch.

The guy might strike out about a thousand times a game but he can play some defense.  Though this was super scary and he might have killed himself if he had landed just a bit differently.  Also, that Cubs bullpen is really hard to please.

3.  Jason Berken‘s four strikeouts in one inning.

Jason Berken?!  But that guy’s terrible!

2.  Alfonso Soriano‘s monster shot.

32 HR, 108 RBI for Soriano.  Trade him NAO!

1.  Anthony Rizzo‘s walk-off homer.

First of his career.  Go Cubs go.

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