WSD Contest: Win a Pass to the 2013 Cubs Convention

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First of all…sweet mother of Mark DeRosa, Cardinals.  You really are black magic.  The Washington Nationals are going to catch all kinds of flak now for not having Stephen Strasburg active, but really, the non-Strasburg Nats didn’t pull enough of their own weight and let a winnable situation slip away.  Kudos to you, STL and fans.  Wow.

And now to the meat of it.  As you know the playoffs have now advanced to the league championship round, with the aforementioned St. Louis Cardinals battling the San Francisco Giants in a duel to the death between the last two World Series champions, while the New York Yankees host the Detroit Tigers in the Junior Circuit.  It’s actually kind of cool that three of the teams still standing have won the World Series in the past three postseasons, and it sucks that none of them are the Cubs.  But as a way to reward you, the Cubs fan, for putting up with us chuckleheads for this godforsaken season (and hopefully beyond), it’s time for another contest.  That’s right, we’re giving away TWO passes to the 2013 Cubs Convention!

You can check out the details at the link just above, but the Convention has moved from the Hilton to the Sheraton.  The venue actually looks really nice, and the area around the Sheraton is closer to all the touristy goodness that people like when they visit Chicago.  Of course, most of you will be inside the hotel stalking Cubs players and trying to crawl into Theo’s pants.  Anyway, Anno has booked a room and has an extra Cubs Con pass.  Ivy also has an extra Cubs Con pass.  Again, that’s TWO passes we’re giving away.  How can you win these passes, you may ask?  Read on!

World Series Dreaming Contest

Cubs Convention 2013

Premise: Win one of two (or both if you’re lucky and prescient) 2013 Cubs Convention passes from World Series Dreaming by 1) correctly predicting the 2012 World Series champion and 2) correctly predicting the combined final run total in the clinching game in the 2012 World Series.  The two participants with the most correct predictions, including tiebreakers, will be awarded a chance to get these passes.  They can choose to hang out with Anno and Ivy or avoid them altogether.  Please enter so they don’t drag Rice to the Convention again.  I mean, I liked it and all, but I don’t have much of a desire to go again unless they sign Zack Greinke or something.

Tiebreakers: Since there can only be two winners, and enough of you can guess the correct champion from the four left standing and stumble upon the right final run total in the clincher, we’ll do the following, in order, to break potential ties:

  1. Number of games the series goes — doesn’t matter who wins, just tell us how many games are played, whether it’s a 4-game sweep, 5, 6 or the full 7.
  2. Number of home runs hit by the winning team in the entire series — the closest to this total will win this tiebreaker.
  3. Number of stolen bases by both teams (combined) in all games of the World Series — the closest to this total will win this tiebreaker.
  4. In the improbable event this is still tied, list your World Series MVP.  You probably won’t be right, but who the hell knows.
General Rules:
  1. World Series Dreaming bloggers, admins, family members etc. not eligible.  Sorry.
  2. Please make sure you submit your entry in the form of a comment in response to this post.  Failure to do so means you didn’t actually enter the contest and you didn’t read the instructions.  It’s a free pass to the Convention, so please make sure to do this.
  3. Please make sure if you’re going to enter that you actually intend to go to the Convention.  The dates of the Convention are January 18-20, 2013, in downtown Chicago at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers at 301 E. North Water Street.  We are simply providing the passes which are your ticket to admission into the events, we’re not actually paying for your lodging or transportation.  If you can’t go, they’re going to make me go.  Which isn’t such a bad thing, but I’d rather you go.  So make sure you can go.  Especially you, Ray Silva, because you keep winning all our free crap, but I don’t think it’ll be so easy this time (maniacal laugh).
  4. Please make sure you keep track of the e-mail you used to submit your comment.  It’s how we match up the winner and make sure it’s you and not someone pretending to be you.
  5. You can only enter ONCE.  If you submit multiple responses, your latest time-stamped response will be accepted even if it’s incomplete.
  6. The deadline for entries is at first pitch for the ALCS Game Four on Wednesday, October 17, sometime after 8 PM Eastern (7 PM Central).  This is so that you have some time to see how the teams do, and even if one team is down 0-3, you can still choose them if you’re feeling extra lucky.  Remember, if Theo’s Boston Red Sox can come back from down 0-3, then anything’s possible.  Highly improbable, but possible.
Claim Your Prize: Once the winners are determined at the conclusion of the World Series, they will be announced in a subsequent blog post.  Use our contact form with the e-mail you used to submit your comment to confirm it’s you.  We will send you contact information for Anno and Ivy so you can pick up your pass at the Sheraton on the first day of the Convention.  This is to prevent you from welching on Rule #3 above and so we can give the pass to a runner-up if you decide not to show up.  But why wouldn’t you want to go?
Thank you for entering, thank you for following World Series Dreaming, and go Cubs!



About Rice Cube

Rice Cube is the executive vice president of snark at World Series Dreaming. He loves all things Cubs, with notable exceptions (specifically, the part of Cubs fandom that pisses him off). Follow on Twitter at cubicsnarkonia

21 Replies to “WSD Contest: Win a Pass to the 2013 Cubs Convention”

  1. WS Champion: New York Yankees
    Runs in Clinching Game: 9

    Games: 5 Games
    Home Runs Hit By Winning Team: 2
    Stolen Bases Combined: 7
    WS MVP: Derek Jeter

  2. World Series Champs: St. Louis Cardinals

    Combined Run Total: 7

    Number of Games: 7

    Total Number of HR: 10

    Total Number of Stolen Bases: 8

    MVP: Chris Carpenter

  3. WS champion: Detroit Tigers


    1) Series goes to 6 games
    2) 6 home runs hit by winning team
    3) 5 stolen bases by both teams
    4) Miguel Cabrera the MVP of the series

  4. World Series Champion: Detroit Tigers

    Runs scored in final game of series: 7

    Number of games in series: 6

    Number of HRs hit by winning team: 7

    Total number of stolen bases: 10

    World Series MVP: Justin Verlander

  5. WS Champion: Detroit Tigers
    Runs in Clinching Game: 6

    Games: 7 Games
    Home Runs Hit By Winning Team: 6
    Stolen Bases Combined: 3
    WS MVP: Verlander

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