Random Notes Plus a Nostradumbass Check

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Before we get into the meat of the post, where we look at who won what and how much Rice actually got right, let’s run through a few bullets.

  • Matt Garza is cleared for baseball activities.  Hooray for the powers of healing!  Here’s hoping he kicks ass in spring training then.
  • The Cubs signed Dioner Navarro for $1.75MM, which seems like a lot more than he should get paid.  We didn’t get a length of deal (assuming a one-year deal) or whether it’s a major or a minor league deal (at that price I’m assuming he will back up Welington Castillo and Steve Clevenger gets to go back to Iowa) so let’s wait and see.
  • Despite trading everything that could be moved, for some reason the Marlins won’t be trading Ricky Nolasco.  At least not yet.  The Marlins are evil by the way.

And now, our feature presentation…

All the major baseball awards have now been announced.  In the previous blog, I looked at Rookie of the Year, Silver Sluggers, Gold Gloves, Manager of the Year, Cy Young and Most Valuable Player using just WAR and UZR.  We can debate the merits of that later.  Below are a series of spreadsheets showing whether I got stuff right or not.

Silver Sluggers

Rice Actual Verdict?
AL C A.J. Pierzynski A.J. Pierzynski QaPla!
1B Prince Fielder Prince Fielder QaPla!
2B Robinson Cano Robinson Cano QaPla!
3B Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera QaPla!
SS Derek Jeter Derek Jeter QaPla!
OF Mike Trout Mike Trout QaPla!
OF Josh Hamilton Josh Hamilton QaPla!
OF Josh Willingham Josh Willingham QaPla!
DH Billy Butler Billy Butler QaPla!
NL C Buster Posey Buster Posey QaPla!
1B Hart/Goldschmidt Adam LaRoche Dumbass!
2B Aaron Hill Aaron Hill QaPla!
3B David Wright Chase Headley Dumbass!
SS Ian Desmond Ian Desmond QaPla!
OF Ryan Braun Ryan Braun QaPla!
OF Andrew McCutchen Andrew McCutchen QaPla!
OF Giancarlo Stanton Jay Bruce Dumbass!
P Strasburg/Leake Stephen Strasburg Copout!

I felt pretty good about this one. Didn’t really expect Jay Bruce to get the nod over Stanton, but meh. David Wright seemed to get jobbed though.  LaRoche sort of made sense so whatever.

Gold Gloves

Rice Actual Verdict?
AL C Matt Wieters Matt Wieters QaPla!
1B Mark Teixiera Mark Teixiera QaPla!
2B Robinson Cano Robinson Cano QaPla!
3B Adrian Beltre Adrian Beltre QaPla!
SS Brendan Ryan J.J. Hardy Dumbass!
LF Alex Gordon Alex Gordon QaPla!
CF Austin Jackson Adam Jones Dumbass!
RF Ichiro Suzuki Josh Reddick Dumbass!
P David Price Hellickson/Peavy Dumbass!
NL C Yadier Molina Yadier Molina QaPla!
1B Adam LaRoche Adam LaRoche QaPla!
2B Darwin Barney Darwin Barney QaPla!
3B David Wright Chase Headley Dumbass!
SS Barmes/Crawford Jimmy Rollins Dumbass!
LF Martin Prado Carlos Gonzalez Dumbass!
CF Michael Bourn Andrew McCutchen Dumbass!
RF Jason Heyward Jason Heyward QaPla!
P Buehrle/Westbrook Mark Buehrle Copout!

I’m kind of disappointed that I forgot about Mike Trout here.  Trout played LF and CF though so I guess his UZR was split up and thus he didn’t show up when I looked at the leaderboards.  Dumbth.  Gold Glove usually doesn’t get everything right anyway, so I don’t feel too bad about being a dumbass.  Not to mention that UZR isn’t the end-all/be-all of defensive stats.  At least a Cub actually won something.

Manager of the Year

Rice Actual Verdict?
AL Buck Showalter Bob Melvin Dumbass!
NL Davey Johnson Davey Johnson QaPla!

The vote for the American League was very close between Showalter and Melvin, so I got screwed by a coin flip.

Rookie of the Year

Rice Actual Verdict?
AL Mike Trout Mike Trout QaPla!
NL Wade Miley Bryce Harper Dumbass!

Same here with Miley and Harper. So close! Grumble.

Cy Young

Rice Actual Verdict?
AL Felix/Verlander David Price Dumbass!
NL Johnny Cueto R.A. Dickey Dumbass!

The guys who won were actually deserving, but it really chaffs me that Cueto didn’t land in the top three of voting.  Not that the finalists were terrible, but I really though Cueto had a great year.  David Price edged Verlander by a really close vote.  Lots of close votes this season!


There are about fifty million articles being written about how Mike Trout got screwed, but honestly I have no real problem with Miguel Cabrera winning.  The MVP is a very subjective award.  And it’s the subjectivity that makes arguing about the merits of it fun.  I preferred Trout because I believed him to be the overall better player, but it’s not like they chose Vernon Wells instead.


Rice Actual Verdict?
AL Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera QaPla!
NL Andrew McCutchen Buster Posey Dumbass!

I have to admit that I didn’t see the Pirates collapsing so badly and I also didn’t see Posey blow past the competition. That was fun.

Now we wait until Spring Training. Sigh.

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