Cubs sign Scott Hairston to a two year deal

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It appears that the Chicago Cubs have signed Scott Hairston to a two year deal.

We’ve been burned by the twitter signings in the past and we’ve recently seen a situation in Boston where Mike Napoli‘s two degenerative hips delayed a signing and drastically changed the dollar amount he was set to get.

So take all of this as a verbal agreement until the physical is done.

It does look like the Cubs got themselves another outfield option to throw into the Nate SchierholtzDavid DeJesus mix.

Scott Hairston is more of a corner guy these days but he did manage to log 80 innings in center last year. It’s not crazy to envision him spelling Alfonso Soriano and DeJesus for spots while simultaneaously platooning with Schierholtz in right.

I don’t think the Cubs acquired him because of the defense, however. I think the Cubs are signing Hairston because he absolutely crushes lefty pitching.

As you can see Hairston enjoys a 100 pt. boost in slugging against LHP’s.

He doesn’t walk all that often and his hit tool is below average to average these days, but if Hairston can provide adequate defense and ok pop he can help out on a few fronts.

Should the Cubs trade Soriano it won’t be an offensive disaster to go from Sori to Scott. The Cubs are also covered if Nate Schierholtz should not hit, or if there is an injury in the corner, which is very likely in the case of Soriano.

Hairston has ties to Chicago. He’s part of a three generation baseball family of Hairstons, he’s the brother of Jerry Hairston, son of Jerry Hairston, grandson of Sam Hairston and nephew of John Hairston.


I think it’s a solid, unflashy move to acquire Hairston. He’s not going to have a monster season but he does enough things well to have value as the Cubs find ways to fill gaps without surrendering draft picks as they wait for their minor league talent to come through.

Hairston is a solid major league player, don’t expect much more than that.

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