Great Scott!

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With the reported signing (pending physical) of Scott Hairston (Jerry Hairston Jr.’s brother), the Cubs find themselves in a similar situation as a couple years back.  In 2011, for a brief while, the Cubs had Carlos Silva, Carlos Marmol, Carlos Pena and Carlos Zambrano for a Carlos party in the home clubhouse.  Hairston’s signing means that the Cubs now have three Scotts, with Scott Baker and Scott Feldman already in the mix.  But why stop at three?  Why not more?

There’s still Scott Maine (waived by the Cubs but they can get him back), Scott Rolen (may retire but hey, it could happen), Scott Cousins, Scott Downs, and Scott Podsednik.  Come on Cubs, do your magic.  We’ll have the first all-Scott starting lineup ever.  We’ll just have to tell Welington Castillo to change his name to Scott and one of the other Scotts will just have to change positions.  It’s gonna happen.

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