A Braves new outfield

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The sports landscape is going to be about brothers for awhile. The Harbaugh brothers will be squaring off in the Super Bowl and the media will latch onto the “brother against brother” storyline. You’re going to hear a lot about that. Another pair of brothers made baseball news, however, as the Atlanta Braves acquired Justin Upton and Chris Johnson, sending Martin Prado, Randall Delgado, Nick Ahmed, Zeke Spruill and Brandon Drury to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here are some of the rapid reax to the trade:





And, perhaps my favorite part about this deal:


Upton/Upton teaming up to activate their wonderbrother powers and mash their way to contention is a cool story. It does depend on both guys rebounding and coming back to form, but it’s possible that they are a pair of brothers that combine for 60 HR’s.

But remember, Jason Heyward is out in right field.

Not pictured, my severe man crush on the Jay Hey Kid.
Not pictured, my severe man crush on the Jay Hey Kid.

The Atlanta Braves will be sporting an all African-American outfield, and I can’t really remember the last time that happened.

We’re on the eve of Black History Month, a film about Jackie Robinson, 42, is set to be released on April 13th of this year, and interest in baseball among blacks is hitting an all-time low.

In my opinion not only is the Atlanta OF cool, it’s important. Baseball has been trying for years to reach out to urban communities and attempt to get African-American’s interested in baseball again. The RBI program is making progress in the inner cities, but nothing interests kids like genuine talent.

Should the brothers Upton and Jason Heyward carry the Braves to postseason success it could mean a renewed interest in baseball in the inner cities.

From a pure baseball perspective this is a smart move, Justin Upton has talent and potential. The Braves have had a good offseason as well, essentially flipping Bourn for BJ Upton.

From a “baseball revival in the inner cities” perspective, this move is more than just good.

It’s important.

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