Maybe tomorrow you too can be a Cubs season ticket holder

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This is going to be short, but I was talking with Ivy who just got a call from the Cubs to see if she wanted to buy season tickets.  We were both confused because her spot in the season ticket wait list is 99206, just ahead of me at 106247.  You would think that the Cubs would try some of the other folks in front of us first.  How long does it take to get through almost 100K people, given the time it takes to dial their number, wait for the phone to ring, get an answer, give your spiel, and then have the person on the other end slam the phone down?  Also, one wonders what the attrition rate is for season ticket non-renewals.  Some of them, like a few of my acquaintances, are unable to afford a renewal, while others simply decide not to renew because the product sucks–that is understandable.  But within three seasons I personally have gone from the high 120Ks to where I am now.  That’s got to be a bit scary for the Cubs marketing team.

Ivy is going to call the Cubs to see what’s up, and I honestly hope they don’t get to me yet because I can’t afford the tickets right now 😀

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  1. I had a meeting at 10am on January 12th to where I was to meet with a Cubs ticketing employee to pick my season ticket seats out! I got the letter from the Cubs back in early December, you know, when Christmas was approaching and the bank account was getting thinner and thinner by the day. I tossed the idea back and forth until that day actually considering getting a loan to pay for them, but then I thought, would I really want to try to get a loan every year until they would start to pay for themselves when the team got good? I live 2 hours away from Chicago and work 50 varying hours a week, and not to mention I’m a single mom of a very active teenage son. I knew there would be NO way I could get to HALF of those games. Needless to say, I skipped my appointment and my season ticket opportunity ended, as they said if I didn’t show up to the meeting, I would be removed from the waiting list and have to sign back up on it again. I’d only been on it for 10 year, what’s another 10, right? Maybe by then, I’ll win t he lottery!

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