Ricketts vs. Rooftops, or, The Man vs. the slightly smaller The Man

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It’s pretty rare that I ever side with “The Man” in any business argument, and yet here I am, siding with Tom Ricketts when it comes to his little border war with the Rooftop association.

To be honest, however, this isn’t a case of “The Man” vs. small business. This is “The Man” pitted against a smaller “The Man” situation.

Let’s backtrack a bit.

You see, the Rooftop association is going to be presenting an ad proposal to the Cubs brass, and they decided to make a public plea for why they should be allowed to 1. Exist, I guess, and 2. sell ad space on their property.

Here’s the video of their presentation, courtesy of the always outstanding Bleacher Nation:

At least that’s what I think this is about. It’s all kind of confusing, let’s go to the Tweeterboxes:


Ehhhhh ok. Whatever. They look kinda cheap and the renderings can use some work but fine, let’s roll with it.


That’s some dirty shit right there. Clever, expected, perhaps I encourage it, but def. dirty.





Ok ok, I’m liking this, this is perhaps a fight where I can hope both sides come to a peaceful and meaningful agreement that will ens-






Oh you have got to be shitting me.


I don’t know if you should be saying this during a press conference that is pleading for the PUBLIC’S APPROVAL!


Nailed it.


Nailed it some more.


Now, it’s pretty clear that Paul Sullivan is being a bit facetious here, but oddly enough I have a similar sentiment towards the rooftop owners. A part of me is sympathetic towards their cause, it makes sense that they should have a nice symbiotic relationship with the Chicago Cubs. The “Roofies” completely botched this PR opportunity, however.

Oh, and if you were wonder about the letter, here it is:

Long live McPhail.
Long live McPhail.

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