Mr. Robinson

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When I started to make this graphic I began by putting “42” up on a blank canvas, and I stared at it for about 10 minutes.

I can’t help it. It’s the most important number in baseball history, and it transcends the sport itself. What Jackie Robinson did cannot be overstated. What he endured cannot and should not be ignored. What Jackie Robinson means cannot and should not be forgotten.

It’s black history month, it’s a good opportunity to learn about the African American players who endured,¬†persevered, and became legends in various ways.

I’ll be looking at various African American players over the next few weeks, some MLBers, some NLBers, some with Chicago ties, some without.

It’s important to remember them, and similarly it’s important to remember why Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins (to name a few) were possible.

BTW, there is a Jackie Robinson movie coming out, I can’t wait for it.

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