Cub fan to get a chance at a dream come true!

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(a virtual tour of the MLB Fan Cave)

Imagine giving up an entire summer of your life (and part of the spring and fall, as well) to do nothing but watch baseball.  Every game.  Every team.  Every inning.  Every out.  Literally living and breathing baseball in a building designed for that very purpose!  In your spare time, you get to hang out with celebrities such as Lisa Kudrow, Charlie Sheen, Eric Stonestreet, and Arsenio Hall.  You are also treated to concerts by Sublime, Jason Aldean, George Thorogood, Colbie Caillat, LifeHouse, One Republic and The Band Perry, just to name a few.  Oh, not to mention the numerous current and former MLB baseball players (and entire teams) that stop by and check the place out and meet you!  Imagine getting to just “hang out” with Dwight Gooden, Andrew McCutchen,  Anthony Rizzo,  or Shane Victorino.  Adam Greenburg even made an appearance to promote his One At Bat campaign last year.  Pretty cool imagination, huh?

Well, it may be a dream come true for Cub fan Katie Cernek, who just passed through the Top 50 round to the Top 30 round of possible 2013 MLB Fan Cave dwellers for the upcoming season.  Kaite is the only Cub fan in the 30 applicants left for the position.  She now is going to be flown out to Arizona for Spring Training and her auditions for the MLB Fan Cave

There will be a total of 9 people who ultimately get chosen to be a Cave Dweller.  Those nine people will pack up and head to New York City and attempt to watch every single MLB game throughout the season in the Cave.  During this time, they will share their experiences online through various social media outlets and blogging.  However, there are challenges that they must face, and online fans (and some judges) will help decide who gets to stay and continue the season and who gets eliminated and goes home.  Stay tuned and check back soon, as Katie has said she will answer a few questions for us about how she got where she to where she is now, and what happens from here.

You can check out the MLB Fan Cave Facebook page for some more fun photos.

 The MLB Fan Cave Twitter page is always keeping us up to date on latest celebrities, concerts, and happenings in the Cave.

You can follow Katie on Twitter for updates on her story.… and check back at soon for an interview with Katie!

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I'm a 3rd generation Cub fan who lives and breathes with this team! I've ridden the roller coaster of Cubdom since 1984. I've celebrated the highs, I've cried for days on the lows. I have a teenage son who I have blessed/cursed him with the Cubbie Blue blood. On April 1, 2011, my son, dad and I were chosen to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day at Wrigley Field and I'm pretty sure that there isn't much else out there in life that will ever top that day!

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