Kickin’ the music… My player I would love to see as a Cub.

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When I add my favorite passions of baseball and music, throw in some eye candy, I get my favorite “non Cub” player!   I know he’s a rival in our division.  I know, for SOME reason, he is somewhat of a Cub Killer, especially with the bat, but I just can’t help to have a special fondness for this certain MLB player, and to go along with WorldSeriesDreaming’s theme of the day, he is the one player that I wouldn’t mind seeing as a Cub.

Have you figured it out yet?  Let me start by saying I first noticed this player back in the ALCS series with the Red Sox taking on the Yankees.  Maybe it was the dreadlocks.  Maybe it was the very HIGH leg kick in his pitching delivery. (Yes, I said pitching… and yes, earlier I hinted that he tends to hurt the Cubs with the bat).   It was after I heard his music, his raspy rock n’ roll voice, that did me in.  Yes, the Reds Bronson Arroyo is my favorite Non Cub.


During the ALCS, the guys on TV had a little segment on Bronson’s hobby, a musician.  I was intrigued, so with the help of this little thing called the internet, I was quickly able to pull up some of his music.  He does a lot of cover music, but I really love his voice.

bronson arroyo (1)

(My favorite cover songs of his)

And how about THIS one with Bronson performing with none other than the Cubs own Theo Epstein at a fundraiser in Boston back in 2010.

He has his a cd out called Covering the Bases! (Of course, it’s in my vast collection of music).  On this album, he teams up with Johnny Damon, Lenny DiNardo and kevin Youkilis in singing the song “Dirty Water”, which was the Red Sox Victory song.  He also taught Kevin Millar how to play guitar and sang the vocals on “Tessie” as covered by the Dropkick Murphys.


So, now I found a musician I really like and then to top it off, he PLAYS BASEBALL!  Win Win in my eyes!  Now, he’s not the greatest player.  He’s a very average pitcher.  His career record is 86-83.  In fact, he has struggled quite a bit over the past few years since his days in Boston, but he’s been good enough to stay in the game for 13 years. He has a career ERA of 4.23.  He actually improved that number quite a bit from 2011 (5.07) to 2012 (3.74).  With the bat, if you remember back in 2006 he hit TWO home runs off of Glendon Rusch just six days apart from each other.  He really knows how to hit the ball at Wrigley.

I’ve never held my affections for one of our rival pitchers very quiet.  I worked with a Reds fan.  Yes, there are a few scattered among the Cubs and Cardinal fans in our area.  His daughter lived out in San Diego and actually worked with Bronson Arroyo’s sister.  One night, my co-worker’s daughter joined her co-worker at a Dodger game so the co-worker could go watch her brother pitch for the Reds.  My co-worker had told his daughter what a huge fan of his I was.  A few weeks after that game, my co-worker brought me a surprise at work.  His daughter had joined Bronson and his sister after the game and she had told him about me and how, even though I was a Cub fan, his music made me a fan of him.  He signed a ball for me and had her send it back to her dad to deliver it to me!  I was on cloud 9!204_0386


Bronson’s contract with the Reds is up after 2013.  He obviously is very connected with Theo.  The Cubs aren’t expected to really compete until 2015.  Why not add him for a year in 2014?  I know, I know… it doesn’t make “baseball sense”, but this girl can hope, right?

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