The night before the position players report…

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…you guys get a rare bullets post from us.  Because seriously, I can’t wait for spring training to get underway so we can begin a countdown to Opening Day.  There are a bunch of Cactus League games to play, of course, and some of them are on TV and radio too.  Position players report to camp on Saturday.

I began the day at the gym, shooting free throws under an assumed name.  It’s a necessity when the university cuts off the ID and the free gym membership, but doesn’t have the tenacious employees to verify one’s identity.  Anyway, I had to move a few times as the baseball team’s outfielders worked on long toss, tracking fly balls and popups, and other drills.  It made me miss baseball a lot but the realization that we’re only days away from the first true action (albeit action that doesn’t count) is comforting.  Just a few more days away from Buntfest, intrasquad games and the Cactus League opener, in front of the World Baseball Classic.  Spring is in the air.

The longing for baseball intensified as I drove back down Interstate 90/94 towards the south side.  President Obama was in town (insert obligatory misplaced White Sox joke here) and the traffic conditions were worse than normal, which is why this is a bit late.  But along the way, I could see the sign for Addison and Wrigley Field.  Baseball is so close!

On to the news stuffs…

  • Darwin Barney was dragged into the ESPN Chicago chat today and had a bunch of things to say before he escaped Jesse Rogers’ clutches.  Barney talked a bit about tweaking his hitting mechanics, switching from shortstop to second base, extolling the virtues of one Starlin Castro, and talking smack about how annoying the media is.  Hehe.  Well done, sir.
  • Jorge Soler thinks he’s gonna be ready for the majors next year.  Being that he only has three more options left, the sooner the better for Jorge.  Good luck!
  • There are a number of Cubs who are out of options: Michael Bowden, Welington Castillo, Rafael Dolis, Jeff Samardzija, Luis Valbuena and Travis Wood.  Castillo is the starting catcher (unless he really fucks up), Valbuena is one of the backup infielders, and Samardzija is pretty much locked into the rotation with T. Wood looking good enough to join him early on in camp.  This suggests that if the Cubs don’t want to risk having to pass Bowden or Dolis through waivers, those two are going to be in the bullpen to start the season.  Keep an eye on this situation.
  • By the way, here’s a nice summary of the pitching staff with the caveat that Carlos Villanueva is probably going to be a reliever.
  • Playoff odds via Baseball Prospectus were shared by Obstructed View, and the Cubs have a 12.5% chance of making the playoffs.  How about dem apples?
  • Dabynsky successfully trolled the shit out of the internet yesterday with his “ode” to Tony Campana.  If you thought he was serious, more power to you, I guess.  There are a couple of hilariously awesome comments in there and I invite you to check it out alongside my troll faces.

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