Here’s all the stuff that you missed because you didn’t click a very informative link

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For the most part y’all don’t read the blog via Facebook. I get that on a level, we all have busy lives and I’d hate for you to lose your job on account of us. This has led to some hilarity when we post to the Faced Bookz however, as we throw up some fairly detailed articles only to have people like/comment on them 2 seconds after posting and completely missing the point of the blog itself.

We be here to inform, not to be a quick headline/status.

I digress. Let’s get into the stuff you missed because you don’t love us.

Dabs wrote a really awesome article about the Cubs starting rotation –

The Cubs have tremendous depth, and perhaps more depth in the starting staff than at any point in the past several decades.  This is a problem that many teams would love to have, but the issue for the Cubs is the promises that were made to the recently acquired.  All of the pitchers that have been added have said the right things in terms of doing whatever they are asked to do, but if all three don’t receive opportunities to start it will damage relationships with players and their agents.  While that might not matter to fans in the present, it will certain effect the Cubs long term when they seek to acquire players down the road through free agency.

And there’s a lot more to it than just that. Dabs then statistically compares the pitchers that are vying for the 5th spot and forms a well educated opinion on what he thinks should happen with the rotation.

Rice Cube showed off his history knowledge – 

John F. Kennedy

Cool Stuff: Youngest elected President (Teddy was younger when he became Prez), helped set up space program, championed the Civil Rights movement.

Cubbish link: Unfortunately he kinda got shot before the Cubs could get good enough to contend…

Worth the read, Rice looks at the complete futility the Cubs enjoyed during each presidential term since they last won the WS.

Heather did a nice tribute to Harry Caray –

Just last week, my 13 year old son had a friend over.  He was looking at my bookshelves of Cubs memorabilia when he saw my paper Harry Cary mask that I had picked up at the Cubs Convention a few weeks ago.  He asked me why I had a mask of an old man in all of my stuff.  It was at that moment that I realized just how lucky I was to have a chance to say that I grew up getting a chance to “experience” Harry Caray.  I quickly gave him a lesson.

A fine tribute to a fine, fun man.

I scouted a softball team – 

Fast. Natural fluid running motion. Ok bat, hits well enough to take advantage of his athleticism. OK CFer. Bad arm, barely throws better than a girl.

Runs into #drunk issues. Feisty guy, will start fights, will finish fights. Instigator. Questionable make up at times. Does the #asshole bit to the extreme. Will taunt the other team no matter what the score is. Will be the cause of at least 4 fights during a 3 month season. Brings the fire and passion, needs more #Grace.

I mean, if you don’t play beer league softball are you really a Chicagoan?

Jackson showed a lot of #want and gave us an in-depth, informed Cubs top prospect ranking – 

#1 – Shortstop – Javier Baez.  Highest 2012 Level: Advanced-A Daytona Cubs.  Age: 20.

The first-round pick for the Cubs in 2011, Javier Baez was highly touted right from the get-go, being ranked as the 61st best prospect in baseball in 2012, after playing only six professional games.  After a stint in extended spring training, Baez crushed A-level Midwest League pitching to the tune of a .333/.383/.596 line over fifty-seven games in which he hit twelve homers, earning himself the honor of being named the top prospect in the entire Midwest League.  Baez would struggle in his brief promotion to the Advanced-A Daytona Cubs, due in part to weather-induced sporadic playing time.  While he is in major league camp, Baez will almost certainly begin the season back in Daytona.  Baez will primarily get time at shortstop this season, but has made it clear in recent comments that he’s willing to move to second base or third base if it means getting to the majors.  The willingness to change positions could prove to be very important with two-time all-star Starlin Castro locked in at the position for the forseeable future.  ETA: 2014

If you’re a Cubs fan, you’ll want to pay attention to the prospect stuff. The fact that not a lot of people wanted to read up on this was disheartening.

Dabs asked if the Cubs should spend or not spend and y’all answered without reading his story – 

The crux of the argument for the high payrolls seems to be the idea that the Tribune could afford it for a period of a few years and they weren’t going to take a loss at any point. While the logic is sound on this portion it ignores several key features of the Tribune era of ownership. The Tribune pumped tons of money into the major league payroll while ignoring nearly every other aspect of the organization.

I mean, I pretty much got a semi reading this blog, it was so well researched.

We has Dreamcast –

Meow Meow Meow

It was funny, we had laughs. You should share in them.

Y’all missed out on a very interesting scoring system –

Meet @yoshiki89 of Big Leagues Magazine. He is the inventor of a very impressive scoring system that I will be employing throughout the year. His system includes a new pitch tracking system that I think is simple, neat and extraordinarily effective. 

I kinda thought a baseball community would appreciate a new, better way of scoring a game. Prove me right.

Dabs wrote more pitching – 

The gap though is the impact arms that could reach the majors by the end of 2014. There will are plenty of options for those fifth starter/middle relievers in Dallas BeelerDae-Eun Rhee,Kyle HendricksAustin Kirk and more. Guys that profile as either 3s or better, and even just high leverage bullpen arms, are scarce. The Cubs through trade and draft have added a few options though that might form that first wave.

I have a crush on Dabs

Rice wrote about La Leyenda –

when Luis Valbuena took former Cub Jerome Williams deep today, it was really nice to see, but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to etch his name in stone on the lineup card as the starting third baseman.

Also a quick fun read.

That’s about it. Read it. Enjoy it. Understand it, por favor.

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