The Great Alfonso Soriano Sweepstakes

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File this first under the “this sucks” department, as one of the key Yankees players, Curtis Granderson, is out for about ten weeks after getting plunked on the forearm today.  Broken bones take time to heal and the general guess is that Granderson will be out for about a month of the 2013 regular season.

Naturally that didn’t prevent a lot of sportswriters and fans from speculating about oft-mentioned trade chip, Alfonso Soriano.  Here’s Jon Heyman:

The funny thing is that the new guy on the Cubs beat at ESPN, Jesse Rogers, was the first voice of reason I saw on the Twitters:

And finally, we have Gordon Wittenmeyer with some updates:



Let’s pretend for a moment that we can disregard the fact that Soriano is not left-handed (since he’s replacing Granderson), and would only be filling in for about a month before he got platooned.  What I am more intrigued with is the fact that he actually wants to stay in Chicago.  I think that is a bit silly given how poorly the team is projected to do, but he had the no-trade rights negotiated into his contract when he signed with the Cubs, and he’s earned the privilege of telling his employer that he doesn’t want to go anywhere.  He is of course being open-minded about this, knowing that he could be a coveted commodity on the trade market.  But if we strip away the logic that the Yankees are probably not that eager to take on payroll (even if the Cubs paid most of his remaining contract) for a month of filler while Granderson heals, then we’re left with the fact that Alfonso Soriano wants to win with the Cubs.

Silly or not, it’s a really admirable sentiment for a regularly fan-blasted player to say that he wants to be a Cub.  It’s ironically one of the traits Cubs fans are looking for, and I just thought I’d point it out while the rest of the media focuses on a trade that is not that likely to happen.

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3 Replies to “The Great Alfonso Soriano Sweepstakes”

  1. I tried to reply to this last week, but my stupid phone died.

    I realize I’m in the minority, but I’m taking this opportunity to come out. I love Sori. I have a Sori t shirt. My hairstylist dripped bleach on it & I almost cried.

    I remember the Sori of old. Breaking bats, stealing bases, knocking homers out of the park. Now when I think of him, *especially* seeing him next to Castro, I think of him as the old wise buck in the forest & Castro is Bambi. I wish he’d gotten his knee replaced or fixed whatever was wrong with it.

    I’m sick of people talking about trading him. While traitors like Theriot lack integrity by bad mouthing playing for the Cubs, here is Sori. He *wants* to stay here. He wants to play for us. He wants to win. And you can’t deny you scream with glee when he knocks one out onto Waveland randomly.

    It was like a knife in my heart seeing The Riot in Cards gear & now Giants gear. To paraphrase from Chasing Amy: Sori wants to play for us. Can’t you [Cubbie Nation, not you specifically, Rice] take some fucking comfort in that?

    Great blog!!!!!!

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