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Rule #1 of the Internet states that one should never read the comments of any internet blog. They are usually devoid of any relevant information, insight, or intelligence. Usually commenters have not read the piece and are just spouting nonsense.

Naturally when Bruce Levine wrote a piece on ESPN about how the Cubs are looking to trade Carlos Marmol the very first comment is:

Starlin Castro and Marmol for Peralta, Porcello, Rondon, Crosby, and Collins. Cubs have a young SS who is close to bigs in Javier Baez.


So what the hell. Today I’m going to read the comments (well, really just this one comment) for you and tell you why they are stupid. because they are.

This comment makes a lot of assumptions and proposes a bat-shit crazy trade in which the Cubs would never ever talk to the Tigers ever again about any trade. I mean why in the hell would the Cubs give up Castro for a guy who can maybe be a closer, Rick Porcello, an old SS and a bunch of slop?

Nah son, this can’t happen. There’s a common thought that if you offer more it makes up for the talent gap. Somehow, in this fans mind, if you offer up a bunch of mid level guys it would equal the value of Starlin Castro, which you know, is false.

Fans take this moment and understand something about trades; your trade proposal is hopelessly slanted towards your home team and would likely never work in a real world scenario.

Furthermore trades are weird as hell and happen for the oddest reasons. I don’t know why trades go down. I won’t pretend to know why they go down and I can only evaluate what looks right to me on paper.

Trade speculation is fun, there’s no doubt about it. But the time would be better spent properly evaluating talent and wondering about the return rather than going off half-cocked.




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