BEARD MADNESS – the official bracket, unveiled

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Baseball beards are the superior sporting beard. Do not argue with me on this, you will lose. The freedom of expression that baseball players enjoy is second to only soccer and there’s a disappointing dearth of beard going on in that sport (skypoint to Alexi Lalas).

You don’t get to see football or hockey beards too much because the focus isn’t on the face as much in those sports. Basketball has cookie cutter beards. Harden has a good beard going on but he’d just be another bullpen guy in baseball, it’s nowhere near the quality beard that Brian Wilson and Jayson Werth sport.

So, to honor baseball beards we are having a tournament that starts on Friday. You vote for the best beards in each match up, winner advances all March Madness style.

There will be 4 match ups for the first 2 rounds and then it’ll get all individualized for the sweet 16, which will be pimp.

Here’s the bracket, get ready to vote for your favorite beard!

Right click and save as to save this bracket.
Right click and save as to save this bracket.

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