BEARD MADNESS — The Seeds and the Selection

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You can all listen to the podcast whenever Roobs is done editing and uploading it (and also learn more about contest details), but we did a random draw out of hats for each of the four “regions” of the Beard Tourney bracket.  Each of our 32 entrants was assigned two seeds from different “regions” to maximize their chances of advancing to the Final Four.  Please definitely listen to our podcast for the full selection process, but you can see the final assignments below:



Player 1

Player 2

1 Phillip Hurd Al Hrabosky (OUT) Eric Gagne    (OUT)  
2 Ray Silva Wade Boggs (OUT) Randy Johnson (OUT)
3 Anthony John Brian Wilson (OUT) Albert Pujols (OUT)
4 Connie Rouse Fuller Mike Piazza (OUT) Jose Valverde (OUT)
5 Taylor Franklin Jaquith Derrek Lee  (OUT) Matt Kemp  (OUT)
6 Jason Morgan Clay Zavada (OUT) Manny Ramirez (OUT)
7 Jackie Fedak Fernando Vina (OUT) John Smoltz (OUT)
8 Ayman Salah Don Mattingly (OUT) Turk Wendell (OUT)
9 Susan K Salisbury Chally Johan Santana (OUT) Clayton Kershaw (OUT)
10 Diane Kopecki-Waddell Carl Pavano (OUT) Bronson Arroyo (OUT)
11 Benjamin Sager Jeff Reardon (OUT) Matt Garza  (OUT)
12 Cindy CK Pascual Perez (OUT) Gary Gaetti  (OUT)
13 Ryan Murphy David Ortiz (OUT) Kevin Youkilis (OUT)
14 David Blumberg John Axford (OUT) Andrew McCutchen  (OUT)
15 Robert Lacock Bruce Sutter (OUT) Scott Spiezio (OUT)
16 Matthew Garcia Dennis Eckersley (WINNER!) Coco Crisp    (OUT) 
17 Scott Guthrie Jayson Werth (OUT) Reed Johnson (OUT)
18 Earl Reisler Mike Schmidt (OUT) Luke Scott    (OUT)
19 Joseph Christopher Johnson Prince Fielder (OUT) Jeff Bagwell (Runner-up)
20 John Mihaljevich Keith Hernandez (OUT) Pedro Perm  (OUT)
21 Brandon Paoni Sergio Romo (OUT) Boone Logan (OUT)
22 Anthony Fever Meccia Sal Fasano  (OUT) Vladimir Guerrero      (OUT)
23 Shawn Cusack Casey Blake (OUT) David DeJesus (OUT)
24 Ricky Linares Rollie Fingers (OUT) John Kruk     (OUT)
25 Adam Chally Chris Perez (OUT) Tom Goodwin (OUT)
26 Shayne Knipp Rod Beck     (OUT) Oscar Gamble (OUT)
27 Nick Weather Watcher Krohe Johnny Damon (OUT) Paul Konerko (OUT)
28 Brad Kupiec Jason Giambi (OUT) Jeff Samardzija (OUT)
29 Darrell Wiegand Jason Motte (OUT) Todd Helton (OUT)
30 White Sox Man Goose Gossage (OUT) AJ Pierzynski (OUT)
31 Jeff Althoff Jose Bautista (OUT) Jose Lima      (OUT)
32 Ryan DeJong Ross Grimsley (OUT) Bryce Harper (OUT)

Now, we realize that those of you who drew some of the lower seeds are facing an uphill battle to earn an upset.  However, because this is based on vote totals, you can recruit many of your friends and fellow Cubs and baseball fans to come in and vote for your player when we reveal the first matchups this weekend.  So yes, it is actually possible for Carl Pavano to upset Rollie Fingers.  We would prefer that didn’t happen, but hey, it’s a democracy.  Sort of.

Thank you to the folks who entered our contest, and best of luck as we play through this Tourney O’Beard!

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