The Growing Legend of Nate the Video Guy

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Buntfest 2013 is nearing the finish, with defending buntmeister David DeJesus still alive.  However, a surprising Cinderella contestant has found himself in the Final Four:

Who is this guy?  Some information can be acquired by scouring his LinkedIn profile, but most of us know him as the guy who snagged the 64th spot in Buntfest in the front office/staff play-in bracket.  We didn’t really expect him to do much, but update upon update we find Nate advancing through the rounds as if he were a Gonzaga or Butler mowing down true powerhouses of bunting prowess with inspired play to exact shocking upsets.  Nate looks like a pretty nice dude, but we’re not really sure about his athletic abilities.  But given his connections with all the video data, he probably has a good idea of his opponents’ weaknesses, and can also determine the best bunting techniques to emulate in order to score maximum points.  In this context, it’s no surprise that the video guy advanced deep into Buntfest.

Update: This kinda makes sense too…

So yeah, the dude’s got some skillz.

Can the Cubs players (you know, the ones who might actually have to bunt when it counts) stop Nate the Video Guy’s incredible run?  Or will he come face-to-face with the mighty DeJesus in a potential Villanova-Georgetown matchup for the ages?  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder whether there is a backup video guy recording the scouting data as Nate continues his quest for buntastic glory.  Maybe the understudy will eventually unseat the master…

Update 2: Nate the video guy will be facing off against Edwin Jackson in the Final Four.

Update 3: Nate the video guy is unstoppable!

The final day of Buntfest has arrived. We had two battles to see who would get into the finals. Nate “The Video Guy” Halm vs. Edwin Jackson and David DeJesus vs. Edwin Maysonet. If you have been keep track of the Cubs Buntfest, you would know that Halm has been an unstoppable force in this tournament, mowing down opponents. Jackson was no different. Halm easily advanced to the finals where he would be taking on defending champ, DeJesus.

Round one of the finals was a landslide for Halm, as he took the early lead 260-180.

That lead would carry over into the second round, but DeJesus would close the gap making the score 390-370! Could Halm hold on over the next two rounds, or would the defending champion be good enough to retain his crown?

Round three saw DeJesus take the lead 590-530. Could DeJesus hold the lead?

Round four, DeJesus kept the margin as the score was now 820-760, with one round left.

The final round, Halm fought hard to win the tournament, and make things close, but in the end, DeJesus was able to walk away as the reigning Buntfest champion!

Congratulations DeJesus on winning the Buntfest two years in a row. Halm, your journey was long, and you showed the world that you are the second best at laying down a bunt on the Cubs.

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4 Replies to “The Growing Legend of Nate the Video Guy”

  1. I’ve heard of the bunt tourny for a couple years now but I’m green to the rules…. Is it literally just a fun, relationship bonding event of participants bunting to reach first as quickly as possible? Or are there more intricate rules?

    • It’s mostly a bonding event and a way for people to have cheap bragging rights. The premise is that the field is painted such that if you’re able to bunt the ball into certain squares, you get a set number of points. Most points accumulated after something like ten pitches will win. It sort of hones a skill that (hopefully) isn’t used that much in actual games.

      • Oooooooh! Intewestiiiing… Wish I did that in little league…. You need to do your next podcast, I’m DYING. AND DO IT FOR TWO HOURS.

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