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We are recording a podcast later on tonight, if you have any questions please comment, leave one on the Facebook, or email me here.

Here are the topics we are looking to touch on:

  • New look Cubs? – The recent ideas the Cubs are coming up with lend credence to the idea that the Cubs are doing a massive image overhaul. We’re focusing on the mascot/committed stuff specifically but we’ll be talking about it all.
  • On the field issuesIan Stewart might be back soon, and Dillon Maples hurt himself again. We’ll talk about what we think the Cubs have planned for the coming year a bit.
  • RBI Baseball – Not the game, but the inner city program. We’ll talk about getting involved with inner city little league programs.
  • Beard Madness updates – How y’all gonna hate on dreadlocks and two perfect goatees like that?
  • How we blog – This should be a fun look into the WSD creative process (SPOILER: We’re dicks).
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