The Scruffy 16

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We’re down to 16 contestants. Let’s go ahead and look at the match-ups.

Update: Voting Complete!

Beard Region

beard-1 copy#1 Jayson Werth vs. #5 Johnny Damon

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Jayson Werth has been absolutely destroying the competition. He’s made easy work of Casey Blake and Chris Perez so far and has not failed to garner at least 80% of the vote in each match-up. Johnny Damon poses the first real threat to the Werth rampage through the tournament. All the momentum belongs to Werth but the Damon beard is not one to be ignored. It has enjoyed good success over two strong beards in John Smoltz and Jeff Reardon. Werth should win but it might be close.

beard-2 copy#2 Al Hrabosky vs. #3 Brian Wilson

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Al Hrabosky has a legendary beard. He has truly earned the nickname “The Mad Hungarian” in this tourney. Hrabosky made short work of David Ortiz before edging out Sergio Romo to earn a berth into the Scruffy 16. Brian Wilson has enjoyed an easier path here and he is a strong 3 seed. His blowout against Bruce Sutter was surprising and convincing. This one should be tight and I see Wilson advancing.

Goatee Region

goatee-1 copy#1 Fernando Vina vs. #13 Todd Helton

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Fernando has had an uneven journey to the Scruffy 16. His perfectly groomed goatee barely eked out a victory over #16 seed Tom Goodwin and barely survived against Matt Garza’s late surge. Vina’s stood tough and should win over Todd Helton who played a weak #4 seed in Johan Santana and had the good fortune of facing Paul Konerko on a Cubs blog. Vina clearly has the better goatee but the crowds could make this interesting.

goatee-2 copy#6 Jeff Bagwell vs. #10 Reed Johnson

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Jeff Bagwell felled David DeJesus in round 1 in convincing fashion. He then went on to beat Derrek Lee in round 2 and will try to fell 3 Cubs/former Cubs in a row as he takes on the surprising Reed Johnson. Johnson won in convincing fashion over Eric Gagne and then felled the superior Pujols in Rd. 2. I predict that Johnson will make the Furry Four as #TehBias will be strongly allied for him and he will likely face either a Cardinal or Todd Helton in the Elegant 8.

Hair Region

hair-1 copy#1 Oscar Gamble vs. #5 Coco Crisp

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This is an absolute dream match-up. Oscar Gamble is a ‘fro legend and Coco Crisp’s hair is gaining cult status. Gamble and Crisp are a big reason why I wanted to pursue this tournament and I hope the voting is tight.

hair-2 copy#2 Manny Ramirez vs. #11 Pedro Martinez

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Dreadlocks have had a tough go in this tournament, begging the question why there is suck a stigma against them. McCutchen went down in the first round to an inferior seed, and Manny Ramirez barely survived against Bryce Harper. Ramirez bounced back a bit early in the Rd. 2 voting but the crazy Luke Scott gained on Manny. Ramirez survived and will now face Pedro Martinez who upset Bronson Arroyo and romped against Randy Johnson. Manny should win but apparently Dreadlocks are frowned upon.

Mustache Region

mustache-1 copy#1 Rollie Fingers vs. #13 Gary Gaetti

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Rollie Fingers is a powerhouse in this tourney. He laid waste to Carl Pavano in rd. 1 and defeated a strong Mike Schmidt in rd. 2. He is a favorite to go all the way and is facing Gary Gaetti, whom he should steamroll. Gaetti’s mustache is good but not elite. The only way he advances is via #TehBias and his status as #CubsLegend.

mustache-2 copy#3 Dennis Eckersley vs. #7 Rod Beck

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Eck is a bit of a force. He came out like gangbusters in rd. 1 and rallied late to beat Goose Gossage in rd. 2. Eckersley has a strong mustache but he will have the toughest of tests as he goes against #CubsLegend Rod Beck, who has a ‘stache worthy of merit and combines that with a strong fanbase. I think Beck wins.









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