Hello, Facebook is being…difficult

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So Facebook is implementing some changes that is currently undercutting our page which is making it difficult to achieve maximum impact on a Ramen budget.

The changes make me want to seek out the FBook servers and start playing The Geto Boys as I whip out my baseball bat.

Anywho to combat the inefficiency of the page we would invite you to create an account on our page and interact with us on here.

We’re striving to create an environment much like SB Nation, where users can create an account and have no personal information tied to whatever comments they make on the page.

Another wrinkle we will be adding is user generated content. Yes, you will be able to contribute and be featured in blog posts. It’s old hat for most sites and we’ve been slow to adopt it but it’s coming.

You can start right now actually by creating an account and commenting on this page. We are looking for your favorite opening day moments.

Thank you so much for your support of WSD and we will continue to work hard for you.

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