Almost time to play ball for real!

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The windows are opened.  The air is warm.  The last Spring Training Cubs game is set to go on my tablet.  It’s almost time to hear Pat Hughes call out  “Chicago Cubs Baseball is ON THE AIR”… for real.  The long winter and even longer spring training is almost over.

With more drama off the field than on the field,  with the renovations, negotiations, and fighting with the neighborhood that much resembles the 1988 fight for lights at Wrigley, I’m just ready to hear the crack of the bat.  The roar of the crowd.  The sounds of the tv or radio guys playing the soundtrack to my summer in the background of whatever my day consists of.

Opening Day brings new hope and new beginnings, in most  years.  After last year’s brutal display of the game I have loved so much, a fresh start is welcome.  HOWEVER, as I’ve grown older and am learning the business behind the game, I can’t believe I am about to say what I’m going to state.  I want another losing season.  I (gulp) wouldn’t mind another long, drawn out year of “learning experiences” and “baby steps”.

Before you think I’ve stepped off the edge and have turned my back on the team that has turned my blood blue, it’s just the opposite.  Whereas I do hope that there is an improvement from last year, I still want to finish the season in last place with a bad record because our future can only benefit from it.  The Cubs are NOT going to win the World Series this year.  If they aren’t going to do that, then lose big for that higher draft pick for someone who can help them win it big when the team is ready to contend.  Bring me some more Baez’s, Soler’s, and Almora’s.  If Theo’s plan continues to follow the route it’s supposed to take, there won’t be very many more years in which the Cubs will have the opportunity for that higher draft pick, but that will be a good thing when the time is right, because that means the team will be winning.

I look at Washington.  When they moved from Montreal to Washington, they were horrible.  They could be seen as the laughing stock of the MLB. They ended up with guys like Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper and are now seen as a very good team.  Look with Mike Trout has done for the Angels.  That can be the Cubs in the very near future.

So, as Opening Day is knocking on our doors and Wrigleyville is about to come to life again, bring on the Chicago winds and see-saw weather.  Bring on the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and just the occasional “W” flag flying high above the scoreboard.  However, I won’t be so upset to see that “L” flag as I have in years past.

On another note.  I will be at Opening Day at Wrigley on April 8th.  Our seats are just 8 rows up from the field right behind the Brewers dugout.  It won’t be as awesome as it was in 2011 when we were ON the field for Opening Ceremonies and ON the mound for the first pitch, but it should be pretty awesome.  Feel free to follow me on twitter (I’m only 6 followers away from 500!  Help a girl out here! 🙂 ) I will also try to post pictures on facebook.  I bought a couple of extra phone batteries so hopefully that won’t be a problem!

Go Cubs!!!!

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I'm a 3rd generation Cub fan who lives and breathes with this team! I've ridden the roller coaster of Cubdom since 1984. I've celebrated the highs, I've cried for days on the lows. I have a teenage son who I have blessed/cursed him with the Cubbie Blue blood. On April 1, 2011, my son, dad and I were chosen to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day at Wrigley Field and I'm pretty sure that there isn't much else out there in life that will ever top that day!

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