An Easy Opportunity For Cubs to Bring Back Three Legends

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Even though the trade took place a year ago, fans still clamor for Tyler Colvin who was sent to the Colorado Rockies along with DJ LeMahieu for Ian Stewart. With the way Stewart performed here for the first half of the season before landing on the disabled list, and how well Colvin and LeMahieu performed last season, one would have a hard time arguing that this trade was a win for the Chicago Cubs. With Stewart continuing to struggle to get healthy, the rumblings about how the Cubs made a mistake are back in full force.

However, I have some great news for you on how the Cubs can reacquire the legendary players and bring them back to the North Side of Chicago.

In case you did not hear, both Colvin and LeMahieu were optioned to the minor leagues. They were unable to make the Rockies making them available to any team willing to pay the price to attain them. Because they were unable to make the roster, both should be easily attainable for a very minimum price.

If Theo Epstein was smart, he would get in touch with the Rockies organization and offer them up the most traded player in baseball history. To get a deal done, all the Cubs would have to do is offer up the one true legend of the trade era, the Player to Be Named Later. If the Cubs called up the Rockies organization and offered him up, I am willing to bet you that the Rockies would bite and bite hard.

Because they are currently in the minor leagues, they are blocked at their current positions, by a few players, especially since they could not even crack the roster a bench player.

On the Cubs this year, LeMahieu might even be the starting third baseman with Stewart on the disabled list. He has to be better than Luis Valbuena and Brent Lillibridge. Of course this would cost Steve Clevenger his roster spot, but who cares! Fans would have their Lemahieu back, and isn’t that what matters most?

With this trade, Colvin could then push Dave Sappelt back to the minor leagues and push for a starting job against Nate Schierholtz. Forget that outside of Coors Field his offensive statistics were nothing special, he would be a Cub again, and fans would rejoice at the return of their long lost Cubs love!

Sounds like a dream trade scenario don’t you think? But there is more that can be done.

Another fan favorite who fans complain about being traded would be Tony Campana. Just like with Colvin and LeMahieu, Campana was sent to the minor leagues. Essentially he was told that he was not good enough to crack the opening day roster. If the Cubs really wanted to bring him back, then he too, would likely be able to be traded for by offering up another player to be named later. Much like with the Rockies, the Diamondbacks would very well be willing to listen to any offer for the player who can do nothing but run. Surely the Cubs could use him over Scott Hairston or Schierholtz.

If the Cubs are able to bring back these three former Cub legends, the team is surely destined for greatness!

Actually, these players were cut from their respective teams for very good reason; none of them are all that good. Yet, fans continue to lament their absence from the team as if they were future hall of fame players. Don’t get me wrong, they are useful in some aspect, but none of them will ever be different makers. There is no reason to be upset or depressed over their trades, nor do I really think that the Cubs should even attempt to bring any of them back.

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