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I have a confession to make. The reason the Cubs are 2-1 right now has little to do with the outstanding starting pitching in the Pirates. It has little to do with, lets be generous and call it, inconsistent offense. A solid bullpen with the exception of Carlos Marmol also has had little influence. No the 2-1 and currently tied for first place Chicago Cubs has everything to do with the garment choices of a certain blogger for World Series Dreaming.

Last year I managed to win some free Cubs stuff from The Cubs half of this picture is what was sent to me.

Opening day rolled around on Monday and in my search for something Cubs to wear I found myself grabbing the blue shirt. I personally don’t like to wear things with Cubbies written on it, but it was free. Shark of course was dominant and the Cubs had a strong 3-1 win to open the season above .500.

I took the shirt off at the end of the day, as I am prone to do. The garment found itself washed on Wednesday. That brutal loss to the Pirates was more about me tempting the baseball gods than Brent Lillibridge and Alberto Gonzalez inability to drive in runs with the bases loaded. Or the rest of the lineup’s ability to get on base more than a handful of times.

Realizing the errors of my ways I found myself putting on the blue Cubbie shirt again Thursday. I was never worried during Carlos Marmol’s outing because I knew that my blue shirt would win the day. I am just thankful I didn’t wash out the lucky from it apparently. I promptly took the shirt off and put it back on a hanger for today where I again find myself wearing the blue shirt.

I have a good feeling about tonight.

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