Being a Cubs Parent

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Today, while the Cubs were about to lose their final game in Atlanta and get swept before their home opener, I was driving the family over to my son’s friend’s birthday party and listening to the last of the Cubs’ ninth on the radio.

The Cubs recorded the final out and I switched off the radio.  I told my son that the game was over.  Let’s check in on the conversation that ensued…

Wife: “Who won?”

Me: “Not the Cubs.”

Son: “I wish the Cubs won all the time.”

Me: “Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.”

Son: “I wish it did.  I liked it when they were good.”

Me: “Well, they haven’t been good for a while.”

Son: “I want them to win it all.”

Me: “Yeah, that hasn’t happened for a very long time I’m afraid.”

Son: “How long?”

Me: “Like, the turn of the 20th Century.”

Son: “Wow, that’s a long time.  Were you there?”

Me: “Um, no…”

Son: “Did they have fun back then?”

Me: “Yeah, I mean, they just invented the car and they had really cool stuff like the telephone and the light bulb.”

Son: “Did they have TV?”

Me: “No, I don’t think they invented that yet.”

Son: “That’s weird.”

And that’s your moment of zen for the day.

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