Oh The Crazy Things Cubs Fans Do

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Today, there was yet another unfortunate incident revolving around the Chicago Cubs and a goat. I am truly pained that this is a subject that needs to be talked about, but because there are some truly sick people in the world, and apparently in Chicago, this is a topic that sadly needs to be addressed.

In case you are new to being a Cubs fan, the team is supposedly cursed because they did not allow a goat into a World Series game back in 1945, which is the last time the team made an appearance in the World Series. Since then, the Cubs have suffered embarrassing losses, and some extremely bad luck which fans and media love to pin on the “goat curse”.

That is the jumping off point for some people to do some pretty messed up stuff with a goat.

If you remember, after the Cubs were swept out of the playoffs by the Arizona DiamondBacks back in 2007, someone made a statement. Someone found, killed and skinned a goat which was found hanging from the iconic Harry Caray statue. Of course, this was in reference to the “goat curse” that has haunted the Cubs for 67 years. That’s right the Cubs have not been “cursed” for 105 years.

Sadly, that would not be the last time that took place. Once again in 2009 someone hung a dead goat from the statue; however this time the creature was not butchered. I wish I was making this stuff up, but as you can see (if you follow the links) I am not. There are some truly messed up people that have a fetish for killing goats and dropping off the remains at Wrigley Field.

I wish that was the last time someone did something stupid with a goat that involved the Cubs, but sadly that is not the case. Today, once again someone went too far with a goat to send a message to the Cubs, and apparently to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts.

Earlier today, a package was delivered to Wrigley Field, addressed to Ricketts. When the package was opened, inside was the head of a goat. I kid you not; someone sent the decapitated head of a goat to the Cubs owner.

What possible message could this person be trying to send? Are they trying to make a threat to Ricketts in line with the famous scene of the Horse head in “The Godfather”? Are they trying to remind the team of the rumored “curse”? Not sure what good sending a reminder would do, but you never know what people that are sick enough to do something like this are thinking.

One has to wonder who is behind such an act, and if they were all done by the same person. Granted, they likely all have been done by different people, but what is the purpose and who is behind them? Could this possible be a message being sent to Ricketts from the Rooftops? Or is this the work of what is a twisted fan who is unhappy with the team’s performance since he took over the franchise.

Cub fans get a lot of shit from the fans of teams across the league, and more often that not we deserve what we get. The Cubs are a laughing stock, and most of why we get laughed at is because of shit like this. Because some of our fan base are asshats, we all have to suffer the fate of being a joke. This latest incident is not going to help matters either. So whoever you are that decided this was a good idea, congratulations. You make us look just like the joke that we are made out to be.

Such is the life of a Cubs fan I am afraid.

4 Replies to “Oh The Crazy Things Cubs Fans Do”

  1. Without knowing who is dismembering these goats and dropping them off at Wrigley, why are we always so quick to assume Cubs fans are responsible for it? It could be anti-Cubs people. It can easily be somebody siding with the rooftops and neighborhood politicians. Don’t wear the blame so readily, please.

    • I think it is a fair assumption. At least with the first two. After disappointing losses/seasons a dead goat is likely a Cub fan taking their anger out on what they deem the target of their losing.

      This new one though is just plain odd. No telling who this new one is from (and I did mention that it could be the rooftops), but I think it is fair to believe a Cubs fan is responsible for the first two.

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