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With today’s win, the Cubs moved to within two games of .500 again.  Of course, they probably should’ve won more over the past week, but now we’re dealing too much with the hypothetical.  Baseball is still inherently unpredictable and anything can happen on any given day, as we saw with today’s back-and-forth of blown saves.  BS-fest, we can call it.

Naturally the Cubs fans rewarded the players with cheers as Starlin Castro delivered the sweetest walk-off hit so far this season to score David DeJesus.  One Cubs fan in particular was very happy and ready to reward the dude who scored the winning run:


MRAOR!  Lucky David.  Anyway, if you don’t follow me on Twitter yet, I’d be honored if you did.  Mostly it’s just people who don’t hate me and some spam/porn bots.  Here’s the WSD tweet du jour:

Not bad. Maybe a bit too cryptic?

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