Fun with Baserunning

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The Cubs did lose, but not before Herculean efforts by both teams to end up on the TOOTBLAN ledger for the day.

In a rare display of baserunning awesome-plus-stupid, the Brewers’ Jean Segura stole second base successfully against Kevin Gregg and Welington Castillo.  It was an excellent throw by Castillo, but Segura had too good of a jump and was too fast.  Gregg then walked Ryan Braun.  And then it got CRAZY.

Holy crap what the hell why are you going to first

The video still isn’t up, but legally, Segura was entitled to first base. I guess he didn’t realize that Ryan Braun was already on second, or thought he was out, but there was no reason for him to go back to first.  According to MLB Rule 7, in the event of a non-force play (Segura being caught in no-man’s land between second and third), if he makes it back to 2B without being tagged, but the trailing runner is also there, then he is safe but Braun is out.  So he should have just stayed at second.  For the life of me I cannot find the rule that says he is entitled to first base, but that’s what Len Kasper said and I guess I should trust him.  My hypothesis is that since Braun was out and there was no trail runner to impede Segura’s backwards path on the bases (though why you’d want to go backwards is beyond me) then Segura could freely take a preceding base.



Alrighty then.

Update: I looked up Rule 7 some more, and there’s a comment in Rule 7.08(i)–

(i) After he has acquired legal possession of a base, he runs the bases in reverse order
for the purpose of confusing the defense or making a travesty of the game. The
umpire shall immediately call “Time” and declare the runner out;
Rule 7.08(i) Comment: If a runner touches an unoccupied base and then thinks the ball was
caught or is decoyed into returning to the base he last touched, he may be put out running back to that
base, but if he reaches the previously occupied base safely he cannot be put out while in contact with
that base.

Subsequently, Segura got caught stealing second base (after successfully stealing it).  Then Julio Borbon, who barely arrived in Milwaukee, pinch-ran for Dioner Navarro and did his best Willie Mays Hayes impression to score the game-ending caught stealing.


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