The Matt Garza Conundrum

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I first wrote about the Matt Garza situation over a month ago when we found out he’d be out for the beginning of the season.  Today, MLBTR had the following to say about Garza’s final arbitration year and his upcoming free agency:

Soon-to-be free agent hurler Matt Garza of the Cubs ranks seventh on MLBTR’s Tim Dierkes’s latest 2014 Free Agent Power Rankings despite his prolonged absence from the majors. Garza appears to be set up for a mid-May return, reports Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Much like Roy Halladay, Garza’s expected free agent haul could swing wildly based on 2013 results. While that is, of course, the case for any prospective free agent, it is possible to conceive of a wider band of results for a player like Garza. The 29-year-old features a very solid track record and relative youth, but is coming off of a long lull due to multiple injuries. Of course, Garza’s play upon his return will also play a big role in whether the last-place Cubs will look to deal the pitcher to a contender (or, in the alternative, look to extend or re-sign him).

I’ve already said my piece in the previous blog linked above, and I just kinda wanted to play with the poll widget so I will pose it to you below.  Please pick your course of action and feel free to explain your rationale in the comments.  Thanks for playing!

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5 Replies to “The Matt Garza Conundrum”

  1. I like Garza, and I think at this point, even with the recent injuries, they should extend him. Like you said in your article, the price will be somewhat discounted because of those injuries and we could get the potential ace like Matt Garza for a few years, I doubt it, but who knows. I’d rather see them re-sign Garza than overpay for someone like Josh Johnson, who has just been too inconsistent. It’s hard to imagine a Matt Garza deal with figures along the lines of the Ejax contract being an overpay or a bust, unless he’s injured the entire time.

  2. Very true, it does depend on the return they would receive. I haven’t heard very many rumors about Garza yet, because of the injury I’m sure, but I do remember reading (don’t know where) about the possibility of a Mike Olt deal, if we get someone like him I would certainly support it. But those are just rumors, we’ll have to wait and see

    • Matt Garza has less than two full months to show that he’s recovered from injury, won’t get hurt anymore, and won’t suck or else he won’t bring much back in trade and the Cubs won’t be justified to hang the qualifying offer on him. At that point I think he’d be more valuable as a rotation mainstay than as a trade chip. But I’m not the GM.

      • My point exactly, most rumors I heard surrounding Garza were flying around before spring training, now not so much. Unless he comes back as a better pitcher than he’s ever been I don’t see any great deals coming around for him. That’s why I agree with the article you wrote a while back. Sign him at a discounted price, probably something around Edwin’s deal, and it should work out great if he stays healthy

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