Momentum is tomorrow’s starter

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I find myself thinking illogical thoughts while watching Cubs baseball. I watched this team thinking about how a win could springboard this team on a run to get back to .500. I know that it isn’t reasonable, but then I saw Luis Valbuena hit a two run homerun in the thirteenth inning. The Cubs were improbably ahead with three outs to go. With Carlos Villanueva and Jeff Samardzija I allowed myself to think that the Cubs had a shot of winning a few games in a row.

And then the Cubs were the Cubs. I had no doubt after the Sappelt miscue setup the tying runs in scoring position that the Cubs would blow the game, and Jay Bruce did what he does against the Cubs. Then to add the cherry on top Cesar Izturis, who is a historically bad hitter, delivers the game winning hit. Cesar Izturis has only 27 hitters with a worse wOBA amongst hitters with at least 3000 PA since 1901. That guy delivers the hit that increases the Cubs losing streak to 4 and 8 games below .500.

Then I just had to remember the old adage from my favorite manager momentum is tomorrow’s starter. The Cubs have their hottest starting pitcher in Carlos Villanueva starting today, and the Cubs have been resislent even if the results don’t show it. While this team is likely going to come up short in the end I still believe it is a clearly better team than the one that finished the season last year.

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